How much does a tire change cost and what do you have to consider?

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Flat tire repair kit

Tires should be changed at least twice a year. In October, when autumn begins, will winter tires reared and in the spring the exchange takes place summer tires. There is though All season tires, but these are rarely used because they often do not offer the full benefits of summer or winter tires. The tire change should not only be based on the season. You should also look at the running time and the tires about 10.000km once change from axle to axle. So the front wheels to the rear and the rear wheels to the front axle. However no way Swap right tires for left ones and of course only if there aren't any mixed tires is installed on the vehicle. A second set of rims is ideal for changing tires, so they can remain on the winter and summer tires. If the rims are to be changed with every dive, this is very time-consuming and cost-intensive. Tires already mounted on rims are also included less sensitive during storage.

Changing tires: the cost

StepTires without rims (tire change)Tires with rims (wheel change)
Dismantling from the rim3 to 7 Euro-
Mounting incl. balancing & valve12 to 20 Euro-
Surcharge for TPMS sensors7 to 13 euros-
Installing the tire on the car5 to 15 Euro5 to 15 Euro
Surcharge for TPMS when mounting7 to 15 Euro7 to 15 Euro
Cost of the TPMS kit-3 to 5 Euro
Total costs without TPMS20 to 40 Euro(for 4 tires 80 to 160 €)7 to 20 Euro(for 4 tires 28 to 80 €)


Total cost with TPMS55 to 60 Euro(for 4 tires 220 to 240 €)17 to 40 Euro(for 4 tires 68 to 160 €)
Costs for tire change Fees for moving 1
our exemplary calculation shows the current costs for a 20-inch run-flat tire with a TPMS system. However, including a 40 € fee for “brought tires”…

Most tire dealers offer one to their customers professional storage the tire on. This is a good option, especially for vehicle owners who do not have their own accommodation options. the Storage of unused tires plays a major role in their durability. If the storage is carried out professionally, the wear and tear is significantly reduced. If new tires are purchased directly from a dealer, the fitting is sometimes done at the time of purchase included. In the case of a normal tire change by a specialist, only the labor costs are usually due. But if necessary, the tires still need to be balanced. In this case, the workshops will also charge the weights calculated that are necessary for this. Does your vehicle have one Tire Pressure Monitoring System, every time the tires are replaced, the TPMS service kits exchanged, which then also generates extra costs.

How much does the material cost for a tire change?

trembling steering wheel imbalance tires balancing fine balancing costs 4

If tires are completely re-fitted onto the rim, balancing is required necessary. In principle, however, it can always happen that existing weights become loose or slip. It is therefore advisable to balance each time the tires are replaced. The ratio of tires and rims is rarely symmetrical, so it can happen that the weight in the tires is not distributed properly. This can be dangerous, especially at higher speeds and stronger centrifugal forces, because then the tires no longer run smoothly and the steering may become sluggish uncontrollable. Balancing is therefore essential and can prevent accidents.

Adhesive weights Adhesive bars Balancing weights Tuning Gold Silver

In the workshop you trust, the tires are clamped in a special device. There they rotate and the experts see exactly where another one is adhesive weight is necessary. The weights are then attached accordingly by the experts. These are small weights that compensate for the imbalance. The cost depends on what weights are attached. As a rule, these only cost a euro or two. Sometimes some garages or tire dealers don't even calculate them. In this case, the specialist company will charge a flat fee for the balancing. It will when you change tires TPMS service kit renewed, you can with costs of 7 to 15 Euro calculate. To ensure that the system functions correctly, the kit should be replaced every time the tire is changed.

What are the costs of changing tires?

The cost of fitting new tires or changing tires depends on what about services added. If there is only one set of rims, the tires have to be removed, which costs between three and five euros per wheel. For the re-mounting on the rims and the necessary balancing, approx. 12-20 euros per wheel are due again. If the vehicle has a TPMS system, it costs about 7-15 euros per wheel additionally. Then the wheels have to be put back on the vehicle, which again costs a few euros per tire. So the expenses add up quickly.

Tires Remove TPMS Retrofit Installation 9

Changing tires is much cheaper, as already mentioned, if the tires are already mounted on the rims, that is complete wheels available. In this case, the tire change will cost you about 5-15 euros for each wheel. If it needs to be balanced, another two to three euros per wheel are added. The weights are usually not charged extra. You also have to calculate between three and four euros when changing complete wheels if it is a car with TPMS. If you want to store your tires professionally and have them cleaned if necessary, this costs about eight to ten euros per season (six months), including cleaning 12-14 euros. The prices are also in this case for each tire individually.

You should keep this in mind when changing tires!

Put the tires on the rims and accordingly to balance is not something you can do in your garage. There are special machines and skills necessary. If you don't pay attention to this and work as a hobby mechanic on your own, you definitely risk a total loss of the tire or rim. What can usually easily be done by anyone themselves is the exchange of complete wheels, as is also the case with a Breakdown may be necessary. However, there are also a few important points to note here.

Loosening the screws should cross be performed. Even with the assembly are the screws to wear crosswise. Work on the screws after that necessarily with a torque wrench according to the manufacturer's specifications otherwise they can easily be overtightened or overtightened. This can lead to rims and brakes becoming worn forgive or loosen and thus become an accident risk.

Tire change trolley jack winter wheels summer

This is the best way to store tires!

If the tires are not mounted on the rims, you should store upright. To avoid deformation, rotate the tires a little every two weeks. Tires that stand in the same place for a whole season, i.e. for months, without being moved, get one Pressure point, where they are then flatter. This flattening can cause an imbalance, which can then be corrected by professional balancing can no longer be remedied. Complete bikes, on the other hand, can lying be stored. Here it is only important that you Increase air pressure before storage. 0,5 bar more is sufficient. The storage of complete wheels can stacked done, this is also possible with one rims tree. It is best to store the tires in a room that is cool, shaded and dry. Since no sun should get to the tires, many store their tires in the windowless basement. Here just please make sure that the tires not with oils, fats or solvents be stored together. If they come into contact with it, it can damage the tire.

Store tires Label Mark wall

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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