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As you probably already know, video games are a big topic these days. We have already published quite a few news about racing games or related information. So you may already know the latest racing games, if only from hearsay or various screenshots. All of the latest releases have highly realistic tracks, stunningly sharp graphics and numerous vehicles with tuning options. But it is always interesting to look back and look at the predecessors. Many retro racing games can match or even surpass modern games in terms of fun. Therefore, we would like to present some candidates that everyone should have played at least once.

Retro Casino Games

If you are interested in gambling or casino games, you certainly know slot machines. These come in a number of shapes and colors these days and they can have all sorts of icon designs. There are currently hundreds of racing games, but back then they were rarer. Most old slot machines feature fruits or golden bells on their reels, but there are also numerous examples of slots with car designs. Not all of them work equally well. The best casino games are determined based on the odds of winning, the features and the fun of the game. However, if you know exactly what you're looking for, you can find quite a few retro racing slots worth playing.

retro video games

Racing game game car racing console

Casino games are of course also video games. The best racing slots and racing video games don't actually have much in common, other than their subject matter. Also, retro video games are more common these days than retro slot machines. Here are some retro racing games you should play:


  • In F-Zero you are a racer taking part in high-speed races in a sci-fi version of today's world. Instead of sports or Formula 1 cars, there are rocket-powered hover vehicles that zoom over the futuristic tracks at hundreds of km/h. As a player, you need a lot of concentration and good reflexes to survive the dangerous street races, let alone win them. This also gives F-Zero its immense potential for addiction, because despite the 16-bit graphics you feel as if you were sitting in one of the spaceships yourself.

F Zero

Out Run

  • The racing game Out Run is considered one of the best of its time by many retro connoisseurs. The original version was intended as an arcade game and was an absolute hit in many arcades around the world. In its arcade version, the racing game has a built-in steering wheel and pedals that allow highly responsive and smooth gameplay. Sega game tracks are from European cities inspired and they provide plenty of variety. However, the player does not have a choice of vehicle in Out Run, but always drives a chic Ferrari Testarossa in red.

Out Run

Super Mario Kart

  • The Mario Kart game series now has almost 15 offshoots for various consoles and there is even a mobile game. However, the original will never lose its classic status and is still a top-notch racing game. Eight kart drivers compete against each other on a colorful collection of 20 unique tracks. Item fields are distributed on each route, which can give the player an advantage. Whether it's a mushroom for a quick speed boost, a banana peel trap, or a turtle shell targeting the enemy is decided at random. It takes both luck and skill to emerge victorious in Super Mario Kart.

Super Mario Kart

Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament

  • Today's gamers may not have heard of this game, but it was an absolute hit in the Sega Mega Drive era. As the name suggests, Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament gameplay takes place in a miniature world. The race track and the tiny cars are viewed and controlled from above, either by AI's or real players. A special cartridge with additional controller plugs even allows up to eight players to take part in races at the same time. Something like that was only seen sporadically in the early 90s.

Micro Machines 2 Turbo Tournament

road rash

  • Road Rash is a motorcycle racing game and not for the faint of heart. In interviews with the makers of Grand Theft Auto (Rockstar Games), it was revealed that Road Rash was a direct inspiration for the violent game series. The retro game allows players to hit, kick, or otherwise impede other participants as they drive past, often resulting in serious injury or death. However, players over the age of 18 will certainly have a lot of fun with the brutal races, as long as they don't get nauseous at the sight of blood.

road rash

Pit stop II

  • The second part of the Pitstop series was first released for the Commodore 64 and accordingly has quite pixelated graphics. Still, the Formula 1 races look fresh and are just as fun as when they were first released almost 40 years ago. It is also thanks to the racing game that Split Screen Gaming is so popular in other racing games today. Pitstop II was the first racing game to have this feature.

Pit stop II

Night Driver

  • The name Night Driver already gives away everything about what kind of game it is. As a racing driver, you control a sports car that speeds along pitch-black roads. All that guides the way is a number of bright edge lights placed to the right and left of the dark path. They make sure you don't lose your way, as that would result in a quick game-over. Overall, the retro game still makes a lot, which is why it has received numerous ports for other devices.

Night Driver

Rock'n'Roll Racing

  • It's time for metal and music in Rock 'n' Roll Racing! Mythical creatures and monsters get into their wild racing cars, which are so pimped that the original vehicles are hardly recognizable. Each competition is more action-packed than the one before it and each round of the game packs a punch. Despite the fact that only a total of four vehicles take part in each race, the game can compete with games like Mario Kart in terms of action and fun. Rock 'n' roll racing is a little more brutal, however, as the music-loving racers will not shy away from violence to secure first place.

Rock n Roll Racing

Stunt car racer

  • Finally, we have the retro computer game Stunt Car Racer. As the title suggests, you are put into the perspective of a stunt driver. The track designs are very ambitious for their time and include many jumps, boost fields and spots where you can perform special tricks. The controls are particularly polished for a retro 1989 title, making each new spin as fun as the first.

Stunt car racer

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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