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Salad oil as a cheaper substitute for diesel?

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Salad oil as a cheaper substitute for diesel?

Fuel prices have reached a record high. Is cooking oil a cheap alternative? This question was already being asked at the beginning of the 20th century, when the combustion engine was still in its infancy. Back then, Rudolf Diesel tried to produce fuel from vegetable oil. However, at that time the price of crude oil was well below the plant-based alternative, which is why the idea was quickly rejected. But now it is the other way round. A liter of diesel now costs well over two euros, and you can buy a bottle of cooking oil in the supermarket for just over half that. In the meantime, however, food prices have also risen – including those for rapeseed oil and sunflower oil. In addition, people hoard the salad oil, which means that there is hardly any left at the moment. Salad oil seems to be the new toilet paper, although the latter is once again hard to come by. That's how we Germans are...

Diesel is not the same as cooking oil

Salad oil as a cheaper substitute for diesel?

Back to the actual topic. Cooking oil has a decisive advantage over diesel: it is not as dangerous goods declared and is therefore not subject to strict storage and transport regulations. In addition, vegetable oil as a fuel is almost CO₂-neutral. On top of that, it contains no sulfur and is too not poisonous. Another advantage: When the car is running, there is a sometimes even pleasant smell of fried food. It is irrelevant from which plant the oil used is obtained. However, it should be borne in mind that cooking oil and biodiesel are two different products are. Vegetable oil is subject to strict food regulations, while biodiesel is chemical cleaned and processed is.

Modern engines are too sensitive

Anyone who has already courageously resorted to vegetable oil will now be disappointed. Engine technology is constantly evolving. Older diesel engines usually "swallow" the substitute fuel without resistance, at least in the warmer months. However, new pump-nozzle engines or common-rail engines are not that frugal when it comes to fuel. When developing these engines, vegetable oil was used as the fuel not considered as a factor. Therefore, manufacturers strongly advise against “feeding” diesel engines with vegetable oil. Damage caused by refueling with cooking oil is also excluded from the warranty. The modern engines are far too sensitive and the injection pressure of loose around the 2.700 bar way to high. The injectors can easily clog and in the worst case one engine failure cause.

Price savings vs. taxes

Taxes are another obstacle. In 2006, the introduction of the Energy Tax Act vegetable oil is also taxed as fuel. In the meantime, you have to order the 50 Cent additionally cede taxes to the state. At currently good 1,70 Euros for the liter of sunflower oil (as of March 16.03.2022, XNUMX) this would amount to a total of about 2,30 Euro run out per liter. In other words, exactly the sum that is being asked for a liter of diesel at the gas station. So the “fill up” at the grocery store is unprofitable, since you have to pay tax on the vegetable oil afterwards if you don't want to commit tax evasion. If you still want to fill up your old diesel engine with vegetable oil, you not only have to reckon with clogged filters and nozzles, you also have to pay taxes.

Conversion is no longer up-to-date

If you only use your car regularly for short distances, unburned cooking oil will normally get into the engine oil at some point, which leads to that you have to change it more often. And on cold days it can also happen that the engine not right or not at all "starts". There used to be professional conversions to operation with cooking oil. When oil prices rose in 2000, business boomed. However, various measures by the car and mineral oil industry as well as changed laws for biogenic fuels have nipped the initiative to drive with vegetable oil in the bud. Vegetable oil as a fuel is now history in the passenger car sector. It's just not lucrative anymore. Only in the agricultural sector is vegetable oil sometimes used as an alternative fuel.

Salad oil as a cheaper substitute for diesel?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Salad oil as a cheaper substitute for diesel?

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Salad oil as a cheaper substitute for diesel?

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Salad oil as a cheaper substitute for diesel?

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