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Altcar to Smartcar: Retrofit cool car technology yourself!

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Retrofit central locking Keyless Go tuning 5 e1570538828422 Altcar to Smartcar: Retrofit cool car technology yourself!

Almost all new cars in the compact class are now equipped with technical aids. But older models also have the potential to become one Smartcar. For ambitious do-it-yourselfers, retrofitting Navigation systems, parking aids and Co. no obstacle. Companies such as Waeco, Parrot, Bosch and also car radio manufacturers such as Blaupunkt, Alpine or Becker offer packages for that upgrade of parking aids, Rain sensors, On-board navigation system or Central locking by remote control. And with a little know-how as a car screwdriver, you can usually even do the installation yourself. With complex systems, however, a car repair shop should do the work on functionality and security check or carry out directly.

Retrofitting a hands-free system

Hands-free kits can be easily integrated into the vehicle. They are connected to the car's audio system between the loudspeaker and stereo system and attached to the dashboard. Most products in this category have a display for operation and, depending on the equipment variant, can also access the phone directory of the smartphone synchronize.

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In each case a microphone is integrated, whereby it is advisable to another wireless microphone to be attached to the sun visor on the driver's side. However, good systems can cost around 250 euros. But there are also cheaper models from well-known providers from 60 to 80 euros, And also darunter there are systems. It’s already starting just over 10 euros.

Another option for equipping the vehicle with a hands-free system is to install it of a new car radiothat has an integrated speakerphone. There is a large selection of providers such as Blaupunkt, Becker, Pioneer or Kenwood that you already have from € 100 can buy.

Special tool autoradio Altcar for Smartcar: Retrofit cool car technology yourself!

Retrofitting a remote locking device

Older vehicles can be without central locking or with central locking without remote control be equipped. A retrofit kit like the older one Sinustec ST-ZV can be bought from 45 euros. The kit consists of servomotors, wiring harness, control unit, remote control, fastening material and connecting rods. For assembly, however, the inside door panel must be removed and the plastic film that is often present there must be removed from below. The servomotors must close be attached to the locking bar that connects the door lock and the locking knob. The connecting rod must then usually be inserted directly through the supplied control unit and shaped in such a way that the connecting rod and locking rod can be combined without any problems.

Altcar to Smartcar: Retrofit cool car technology yourself!

Then screw the control unit tightly to the door using a drilling template and insert both the locking button and the control unit into the initial position Bring "unlocked". Attach mounting brackets to the connecting rod and adjust. Now retract the stroke of the servomotor and bring the original linkage to the "lock" position. Then mount the linkage on the original linkage using a clamping block. The central locking motor should be used for locking or unlocking with the key Activate the central locking halfway. Current But of course you also have to look for yourself. For vehicles with already integrated central locking there are various modules. The modules are usually simply integrated between the existing lock switch and the ZV module. The cost of such a module is between 50 and 80 euros.

Installation of an automatic wiper

Manufacturers such as ISR, VEMO or Xanonex offer a retrofit rain sensor with which the windshield wipers completely independent act. The costs for such a device start at around 120 euros, but can also cost over 200 euros.

Retrofit rain sensor rain assistance system 2 e1576585278931 Altcar to Smartcar: retrofit cool car technology yourself!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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