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A night vision assistant turns night into day

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Night vision device LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera 1080P Experience test 6 A night vision assistant turns night into day

A new car without Driver assistance systems is currently hard to imagine. Not only do they make the journey easier, they also provide additional benefits Safety in traffic. In the dark, in particular, it can be dangerous for poorly dressed pedestrians or cyclists who are difficult to recognize due to dark clothing, especially if the driver is also spontaneous fatigue overcomes. This is why a night vision assistant is an important assistance system that enables the driver to see significantly better, even in the dark. We will now explain to you how a night vision assistant works, what advantages it brings and how you can use it retrofit if your car does not have night vision assist as standard.

How does a night vision assistant work?

A night vision assistant emits special infrared rays while driving, the range of which corresponds roughly to the high beam. In this way scans the device permanently the environment. The assistance system recognizes obstacles as well as people or animals directly on the road or at the edge of the lane and shows them in the car Navigation system display, Im Head-Up Display or in the area between the speedometer and the rev counter. It depends on the manufacturer.

Retrofitting the night vision assistant system A night vision assistant turns night into day

If the assistant detects an obstacle, it immediately sends a signal to the infrared camera in the car. This way you can create obstacles can be recognized at an early stage and the driver can in time adjust to it. That way, for example, too Game Recognized at an early stage which one might want to cross the lane. Some night vision systems can also acoustic signals or light pulses send out to either the Driver or the pedestrians (animals) indicate an imminent danger.

Advantage of a night vision assistant

A clear advantage of a night vision assistant is that it can handle oncoming vehicles does not dazzle. Driving with the high beam is clear with the system less necessary. So drivers must too can not be always remember to turn off the high beam again if you don't Beam assistant installed when vehicles approach. If you forget to turn off the high beam when a car approaches or you are driving behind a car, you can do this with one fine be punished or, in the worst case, lead to an accident. Because according to the StVO the high beam must always be switched off in good time when a vehicle approaches or drives a short distance ahead, otherwise safety is endangered.

High beam assistant Retrofit light assistant 4 e1577626673204 A night vision assistant turns night into day

In contrast to the high beam, a night vision assistant can be used by other road users not be perceived and therefore cannot disturb them. Nevertheless, you should never rely too much on the night vision assistant or be distracted by it, because when it is dark outside and light in the vehicle, you may see less than when it is completely dark in the vehicle.

Can a night vision assistant be retrofitted?

Basically, a night vision assistant is retrofitted is also possible. However, when retrofitting a few points must be observed and the vehicle must already have a Navigation system or Board computer feature. In addition to a corresponding coding, special built-in parts such as the camera are also required for retrofitting. Therefore, a few hundred euros should be taken into account for retrofitting. In some cases, however, the costs can also be included in the thousands End up. This depends on the selected manufacturer of the retrofit option, the vehicle and whether the system already has it optional ex works for the type of vehicle or not. If a night vision assistant system was listed in the vehicle manufacturer's list of surcharges, subsequent retrofitting in the vehicle is definitive easier.

Dashcam as an alternative

Night vision device LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera 1080P Experience test 3 A night vision assistant turns night into day

Alternatively, instead of a night vision device, you can also use a Dashcam install in the car. But the cameras are allowed to do so even in night vision mode can not be Record videos continuously, otherwise the right of other road users to self-determination will be violated. A loop function is necessary here. Your vehicle should leave the factory, however can not be Being equipped with the right technology, such a dashcam is usually the only way to integrate a night vision assistant. So should you be buying one New car consider ordering it directly with one Night vision assistants. The investment is definitely worth it.

What alternatives are there to a night vision system?

Instead of a rather expensive night vision system, you can, as already mentioned, install a "semi-legal" dashcam in the car to save some money. There are also cars that have a Reversing camera with night vision mode and at least make parking in the dark easier. If you have difficulty parking in the dark or have poor vision at night, this is an ideal solution. The legal conditions on the topic of dashcam should always be in the foreground. And like our test of LANMODO Car Night Vision, the newer Pro Night Vision and the BYTL copy showed are the options for retrofitting under no circumstances can be compared with the ex-works systems, some of which cost several thousand euros.

Retrofitting the night vision assistant system 3 A night vision assistant turns night into day

Only a special night vision assistant offers active support during the entire journey. The reversing camera with night vision mode only supports you when parking and is of no use when driving straight ahead. Hence you should and before When buying or retrofitting, think carefully about which option is best for you. When making these considerations, you should not ignore the residual value and use of the vehicle. Our advice: it is better not to retrofit older vehicles.

Retrofitting the night vision assistant system 4 A night vision assistant turns night into day

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