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Info: Can the panic function be retrofitted in the car?

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Retrofitting the panic function Panic button Panic lock Info: Can the panic function be retrofitted in the car?

A panic function in the car is useful to that Attention to the area or the emergency call center to reach or through one Alarm sound a vehicle thief to stop. The Panic function is usually with a Alarm Upgrade Volumetric & Tilt Sensors coupled and can also be used in older vehicles retrofitted become. Below are some options for retrofitting alarm systems and panic functions.

Alarm system and panic function

Retrofitting the panic function Panic button panic lock 2 e1620101063414 Info: Can the panic function be retrofitted in the car?

Older vehicles usually do not have an integrated alarm system. Especially Oldtimer and older campers have no electronic security measures such as panic functions or alarm systems. The necessary safety functions can, however, partly sehr einfach can be retrofitted. Loud and quiet alarm systems are available in stores. The articles can also be with GPS tracker and without a GPS tracker can be acquired. The alarm systems differ, for example, in their installation. Variants are available in stores that are wired must be installed properly. But there are also simpler variants, without complex installation.

Alarm system - different installation options

Alarm systems are available with and without a panic function. Simple variants do not require a permanent installation. These usually consist of one Sirensthat is connected to the battery and must be fixed in the engine compartment. The central unit is hidden or fixed in the interior of the vehicle. The system has sensors that transmit signals in the event of certain stimuli and trigger the alarm. There are, for example, some with Infrared sensor, air pressure sensor and Vibration sensor available. The latter sensor reacts to vehicle movement. If the car is broken into, the first alarm can go off and deter thieves.

Retrofitting the panic function Panic button Panic lock 3 Info: Can the panic function be retrofitted in the car?

Variants that have to be permanently installed in the vehicle and have to be cabled in a complex manner should be of skilled workers to be built in. The systems are connected to the vehicle electronics and can then be accessed via the Central locking system being controlled. These systems give an alarm as soon as the door of the vehicle opens. The sensors of the complex systems are not only used in the door area, but also on bonnet and in trunk or the roof (sunroof, hatch in the mobile home, etc.).

Alarm system with panic function

Certain alarm systems are equipped with a panic function, for example via the Transponder key can be used. As soon as the panic button is pressed, an alarm is given and it tries to get the attention of the environment and a possible attacker to deter. For example, Volvo offers an alarm system with a panic function on the remote control key. The alarm system can be operated using the remote control (transponder key). The remote control sends rotating codes. The purpose of the rotation is to prevent unauthorized persons from opening the vehicle or switching off the alarm system. Volvo's alarm system also offers a safety lockwhich is activated 15 seconds after the vehicle has been closed by remote control. As BLL designated safety interlock but is not available for all vehicles.

On the Volvo remote control key is a red buttonwhich can be activated in the event of an attack and triggers an acoustic alarm tone. The vehicle's horn is used as an alarm sound. The panic function is however not permitted everywhere (e.g. not in the EU).

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