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What's next on the smartphone with Android Auto?

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Android Auto Update 2020 Google What's next on the smartphone with Android Auto?

Angry tongues would say it's a typical Google problem: three different apps for a single purpose. Users are overwhelmed, whether they should use the Assistant Driving Mode, the Maps Driving Mode or Android Auto. Basically, of course, you should generally not use your mobile phone while driving the car. This rule has existed for as long as the cell phone itself and a violation is punished with heavy penalties. And rightly so.

The cell phone and the traffic

Smartphone autofahrt 3 What's next on the smartphone with Android Auto?

Modern smartphones can now be used for more than just making calls. You can send and receive messages with them, listen to music, im Internet surfing, playing Merkur casinos, Pictures record and much more. With regard to the car, the navigation function is particularly interesting, as it saves an expensive navigation system for the car. The problem, however, is that to use this function the mobile phone has to be operated and more or less complicated brackets have to be installed, which is not really satisfactory due to the small font and the small icons and takes unnecessary attention. This is exactly why Google released Android Auto a few years ago. The screen of the smartphone can be mirrored as a hub for calls, media and navigation - you only see the important things and no longer have to worry about reading unnecessary small letters.

Driving modes of the Google Assistant

Google Assistant android auto What's next on the smartphone with Android Auto?

Now Google has also published the so-called driving modes of the Google Assistant for selected users. Android Auto has been firmly anchored in the operating system since Android 10 and is activated by connecting to the car or by voice command - the service recognizes this automatically. Only selected enlarged buttons such as the current navigation or the music player are displayed, the unwanted rest remains hidden, as I said. The modes offered differ with regard to the functions they contain, for example it is not possible to use Waze for navigation in a certain mode. However, the introduction of the Driving Modes does not rule out the use of Android Auto. Android Auto still exists and is an alternative for anyone who wants to minimize the distractions that a smartphone otherwise creates as much as possible in order to be able to concentrate on driving as best as possible.

Google Assistant / Google Maps for Driving Mode?

google Driving Mode Android Auto Update What's next on the smartphone with Android Auto?

However, the problem, as already mentioned, is the confusion on the part of Google. In the future, however, you can apparently call up Driving Mode via both the Google Assistant and Google Maps, which would be desirable as this would solve the problem of three apps that only serve one purpose. We can only hope that the function of being able to call up Drive Mode via Google Maps will soon be possible for all users. Looking at the past of Google's test runs, however, it does not seem unrealistic that it will still take a while: for example, it took a good year for YouTube Darkmode to make the function really available to all users.

Google Assistant android auto 3 e1602651009256 What's next on my smartphone with Android Auto?

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