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Swirl flap removal set - the meaning and purpose behind it!

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Swirl Flap Removal Set Tuning Swirl Flaps Swirl Flap Swirl Flap Removal Set The meaning and purpose behind it!

Swirl flaps - general function and application: Swirl flapsAlso known as swirl flaps, swirl flaps or intake port shut-offs, are technical components in combustion engines and help to change fuel consumption and pollutant emissions in a positive way. The components are located in the engine's air intake, which consists of two ducts. One channel is designed as a filling channel and the other as a swirl channel. The function of the swirl flap is to ensure an optimal mix of the fuel-air mixture at different speeds. For this purpose, the swirl flap, which sits in the filling duct of the air intake tract, is closed at low speeds and torques and opened at higher speeds or when the engine is started. By closing and opening the swirl flap, an optimal mixing of the fuel-air mixture is achieved through the swirling or rotating movement of the fresh gas or air charge flowing into the combustion chamber along the cylinder axis. As a result, an optimal degree of filling can be achieved depending on the speed and torque and thus, as already mentioned, more favorable fuel consumption and, at the same time, more favorable pollutant emissions can be achieved.

Defective swirl flaps - consequences and countermeasures

CAAB 2.0 engine VW swirl flaps swirl flaps removal set the meaning and purpose behind it!

Due to the fact that the swirl flaps are flowed through or around components, dirt deposits can accumulate on the swirl flaps over time. As a result, the technical components are severely restricted in their function and in the worst case they even break off and get into the combustion chamber of the cylinder. If it happens that the flaps break off and get into the cylinder, this results in irreversible damage to the cylinder and almost always complete engine damage. As a preventive measure and as a countermeasure to this worst case scenario, it is advisable to focus first and foremost on the swirl flaps if there are any signs of loss of performance, higher fuel consumption or increased pollutant emissions, provided they are also installed in the respective vehicle. If the culprit is found and it is really a defective swirl flap that is causing the trouble, then there are two possibilities to avoid the worst case scenario.

Replace or completely remove?

Swirl flap removal set Tuning swirl flaps Swirl flaps 2 swirl flap removal set the meaning and purpose behind it!

The first option is to remove the existing defective swirl flap and replace it with a new one. With this option, however, all existing swirl flaps should be replaced in the course of removing and installing the old and new swirl flaps. The reason for this is that in this case half the engine has to be dismantled and you save a lot of time and money if you replace the old one as a precaution. The second option, which is much cheaper compared to the first option, is a Swirl cap removal set. Here, the originally installed swirl flaps are removed, in which precisely fitting closures are installed in the openings of the intake manifold. In this way, the scenario of engine damage due to broken parts of the swirl flaps in the cylinder is eliminated, whereby the built-in swirl flaps are not replaced and continue to be installed without presenting a risk.

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The swirl flaps of 2.0 TDI CR engines from VW, Audi, Seat or Skoda, for example, are susceptible. They are notorious for errors and often reduce the optimal air flow, especially when increasing performance. With a repair kit, common problems are quickly resolved. Such a set closes the opening in the intake bridge that is created after removing the swirl valve shaft. Incidentally, after the set has been assembled, the engine software has to be changed or, alternatively, a limiter of the throttle valve actuator can be installed. Such a set is ONLY suitable for off-road or racing use.

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