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In a nutshell - what is the point of shortening the switching path?

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In a nutshell - what does Schaltwegverkürzung bring?

[Update: 28.09.2023] This post was updatedto take more recent information into account. In many switch cars, which are not tuned to sporty driving, the switching paths are often very long ago. Due to the long shift travel, shifting is possible with little effort and thus increases the ride comfort of the vehicle. If you want to tune your car but sportier, should be resorted to a Schaltwegverkürzung! The conversion is possible without much effort, but still has a big effect.

What happens to a shorter shift travel?

In a nutshell - what does Schaltwegverkürzung bring?

Shortening the shift travel ensures that the distance that the shift lever has to cover to change gear is shortened. To do this, the existing gear lever must be replaced with a shorter lever. Here, the rod between the shift linkage and the ball joint is lengthened, so that the entire leverage effect changes. As a result, significantly more force is required for a switching process after a shift travel has been shortened.

In a nutshell - what does Schaltwegverkürzung bring?

Advantages and disadvantages of Schaltwegverkürzung

The advantage of shortening the shifter travel is the ability to switch between gears more quickly. This is a result of the gear lever being shortened so that the driver no longer has to travel such a long distance from one gear to the next. For many sporty drivers, shortening the gearshift path is a real benefit, as faster gear changes enable sportier driving. Faster gear changes also mean less loss of thrust due to disengagement. Due to the time savings, particularly short shift travel can be found in racing cars. The disadvantage of shortening the shift travel, however, is that significantly more force is required for a shift. This can be particularly annoying during normal city driving.

Video: Astra J OPC Installation Short Shifter

Installation consists of just a few steps. First the gear knob must be removed. The entire housing must then be removed to allow free access to the shift linkage. After the vehicle has been jacked up, the old shift linkage is removed from below. The new one will also be installed there Short shifters, Finally, the housing is again mounted together with shift knob in the interior, and the conversion is done. Basically Schaltwegverkürzungen free registration, as they have no influence on the safety of the vehicle. Many short shifters are said to be less precise than the original shifter, which is why you should take your time to test the new shifter after the conversion.

In a nutshell - what does Schaltwegverkürzung bring?
do not exaggerate, otherwise every shift will be agony

One should think carefully before a Schaltwegverkürzung, whether you want to switch permanently with more effort. The comfort of powerless shifting is lost in this tuning, which can be strenuous and annoying for many in the long run. Schaltwegverkürzung is typically made when a visual change of the shift lever should come along, because it means no more effort, it depends only on the correct design of the lever.

In a nutshell - what does Schaltwegverkürzung bring?

Summary: the shortening of the switching path

The Short shift (English: Short Shifter) is a modified mechanism in the manual transmission of cars that aims to... To minimize the distance of the shift travel when changing gears. Replacing the standard shifter with a heavy-duty shifter, and perhaps also adjusting or replacing the shifter, creates a different level of leverage. This means that the gear knob at the end of the gear stick has to cover a shorter distance when changing gears. Usually, abbreviations of 60-80% of the original switching travel aimed at maintaining the precision of the shifting process, although the effort required is slightly increased.

The use of shortening the shift path is often popular in the tuning scene and in motorsport because it enables faster gear changes. The change doesn't just lead to one sportier driving style, but is also often perceived as more pleasant by drivers who value performance and driving pleasure. The installation of a shortened shifter can be carried out in parallel with the optical modification of the shifter, provided the new shifter is designed for the type of modification.

Installation of a switching path shortening

In principle, you can install a shift shortener yourself, but a lifting platform should be available to carry it out. After removing the shift stick and surrounding housing, the vehicle is jacked up to remove the old shift linkage and the Short shifters to use. After installation, shift travel is shorter and gears can be engaged more quickly.

A special type of short shifter is the CAE shifters, which shortens the switching distances of 30-55%, depending on the vehicle and transmission type. By the way, shortened shift travel affects vehicle safety not and are thus free registration, which makes them an attractive option for tuning fans and motorsport enthusiasts who want to increase the performance of the vehicle.

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In a nutshell - what does Schaltwegverkürzung bring?

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In a nutshell - what does Schaltwegverkürzung bring?

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