Crazy tank tourism: significantly cheaper fuel in the neighboring country!

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petrol prices save petrol drive petrol station crazy tank tourism: significantly cheaper petrol in the neighboring country!

The price of the fuel has been considerable in the last few months increased. It is therefore increasingly the case that drivers who live near other countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic or Austria refuel there and sometimes save enormously. Germany has always been an expensive (rip-off) country in terms of fuel prices and has now become even more expensive. Mainly through government taxes, and not, as they want to sell us, through the increased demand for crude oil, the price of diesel has risen to an extreme high. And that also applies to the gasoline price, but there are (still) a few cents missing to reach an all-time high. In Germany, the prices fluctuate greatly depending on the region, because you can pay less than 10 euros for Super E1,70 or you have to shell out 1,80 euros and sometimes more. But in Saxony, for example, it is possible to go to the Czech Republic to refuel.

Shopping trips to other countries

Gas station fuel prices in the Czech Republic Irrer Tank Tourismus: significantly cheaper fuel in the neighboring country!
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Shopping trips to the Czech Republic have been a leisure activity for many East Germans for many years. Actually for decades. Because there you can get a lot of goods at significantly lower prices in some cases. And not only now is the fuel added. It's always been cheaper there. But now the difference is more than clear. Because in comparison, the liter super costs around 1,34 euros just a few kilometers behind the border. These are savings of easily 30-40 cents, so a full tank of fuel can save a good 20 euros.

There is a lot of rush at the petrol pumps

Such savings are worthwhile, as is clearly shown by the rush, especially on the weekends. Queues form at the petrol pumps and waiting times of half an hour are now considered normal. First of all, such a trip can still be done with the purchase of cigarettes or inexpensively to eat out get connected. Tank tourism is booming: Saved a lot with Super, something with Diesel! This does not only happen in the Czech Republic, because it is similar in the border regions of Poland. Because for the northern part of Germany 1,31 euros, for a liter of super unleaded, also sound attractive. That's why a lot of people are currently going there to refuel. However, diesel is not much cheaper in Eastern Europe and therefore (still) offers almost no savings for the tank tourist.

It's cheaper in Austria too!

In the border regions around Bavaria a liter of super costs around 1,40 euros and is therefore a little more expensive than in the east. Nevertheless, the cheaper price can be taken when passing through. However, depending on where you live, an extra excursion is often not (yet) worthwhile. But since we can assess our government, we know that it will soon be worth it. And we can encourage everyone with a clear conscience to refuel abroad. Not to hurt the gas station owners in Germany, but to show the government that they are, quite simply has long since lost its relation to the people and reality!

Reserve fuel gauge fuel needle fuel Crazy Tank Tourism: significantly cheaper fuel in the neighboring country!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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