New look for "worn out" wheels: repair rims & freshen up tires!

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QUIXX black tire color collage New look for "worn out wheels: repair rims & freshen up tires!"

For many, it is now time to switch to winter bikes again. The summer rims that were once much loved, but now seem a bit worn out, shouldn't just be thrown into the next cellar hole; or deport them to a cheap tire hotel unnoticed. Damaged alloy wheels now need a lot of love and a little QUIXX if the spring fever is to come up again next year. Because in many cases the relationship can still be saved even if the first small breaks run through the aluminum or the once deep black tires show more than just a hint of gray. With the QUIXX rim repair set, you can easily remove minor curb bumps and similar rim damage yourself. The black tire color, on the other hand, gives faded rubber flanks a dark complexion for up to six months.

Repair rims & freshen up tires

Hardly any motorist is spared from rim damage. But buying new alloy wheels every time would be valuable and not very sustainable. It is not that difficult to repair them yourself with the QUIXX rim repair set within certain limits. The secret lies in the innovative QUIXX repair paste with "liquid" aluminum LAT (Liquid Aluminum Technology), which is applied by hand and hardens quickly and safely.

A brief summary of the repair process shows how easy it is: Clean the damaged area, mask it, and smooth it with the enclosed sandpaper with the aid of the sanding block. Then clean again and let dry. Then apply the repair compound, model the rim contours with your finger and the side of a cutter knife. Let it harden for two hours and then sand it down until the contours are perfect. Wash the treated area again and let it dry. Now apply several thin layers of the varnish with the brush and let it dry for 2 to 3 hours. Sand again wet for the perfect finish. One last tip: Smaller quirks can also be treated by just sanding and repainting.

This is how the tires get their rich black back

QUIXX black tires masking paint New look for "worn out wheels: repair rims & freshen up tires!"

However, beautiful rims only develop their full effect when they are flattered by attractive tires. The QUIXX black tire color makes pale tires look like new again. It dries quickly, does not stick and does not attract dust. Anti-aging can be carried out in no time at all and in just a few simple steps.

Tip: This is how the DIY scratch remover from Quixx works

And this is how it works: clean the side wall well and let it dry, mask the rims, put on gloves, shake the bottle: the product is applied evenly and thinly to the outer flanks with the enclosed sponge. In the twinkling of an eye, the gray tires are again deep black and silk matt. The tires are now also effectively protected from UV radiation and harmful environmental influences, including rain and car wash resistance - for up to six months.

QUIXX Black tires Color before after New look for "worn out wheels: repair rims & freshen up tires!"

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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