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Increased reliability with a timing chain tuning kit!

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Timing chains are used in many modern engines and are also as improved Timing chain tuning kit available for certain car models. While belts were used in the past, timing chains are increasingly used today. In theory, a timing chain lasts the life of a car and is generally considered more efficient compared to a belt. In practice, timing chains can also cause problems. If they tear, it can lead to engine damage. (Here you can find out how to recognize a defective timing chain)

Timing chain tuning kit - what advantages?

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Timing chains can cause problems if, for example, they are not of high quality. A break in the timing chain is feared among car owners, because this can lead to major engine damage and thus to high costs up to an economic total loss. If, for example, there are rattling noises, the timing chain should be checked urgently. Tuning enthusiasts who want to equip their car with a high-quality timing chain can purchase a timing chain tuning kit. The kits are available for certain types of cars and usually consist of a suitable chain tensioner, high-quality slide rails and at best (if suitable for the vehicle) from two chains. High-performance timing chains are available on the market, which are made of high-quality steel and which impress with their long service life, high tensile strength and low running noise. The lifetime of the kit should be stated in the product description. Because also for timing chain tuning kits, they should be renewed at regular intervals. Especially when the engine is a performance increase received or used the vehicle above average (Competition vehicle etc.) becomes.

Timing chain tuning kit - what to look for when buying?

Timing chain tuning kit Duplex chain special chains 1 Increased reliability with a timing chain tuning kit!

The timing chain tuning kit must of course be EXAKT suitable for the vehicle and engine type. A relatively large selection of kits can be found in stores, for which the corresponding car and engine types are specified. You can often dial directly using the key number. For example, there are complete timing chain kits for VW R32 and VR6 models. The kits are available from well-known manufacturers who stand for quality. When buying, however, you should not only pay attention to the high-performance timing chains, but also ensure that the accessories supplied are also of high quality. The timing chain should be extremely tensile and not lead to rattling noises or other abnormalities on the vehicle after just a few kilometers. The timing chain must have a long service life. The built-in kit must not trigger any loud running noises. Specialized retailers advertise high-performance timing chains that have a low elongation and therefore have particularly stable timing.

In summary, what to look out for?

Complete timing chain tuning kits are available for certain vehicles, such as the VW Golf R32, VR6, Audi RS3 & Co. Before buying, the interested tuner should make sure that the manufacturer and timing chain tuning kit are known and proven. If you buy poor quality, you have to reckon with rattling noises and, in severe cases, with the chain breaking. This in turn can lead to serious engine damage. The durability or service life that the manufacturer specifies for chains and kits must be known. As a result, the improved variants must have an advantage over factory timing chains and must at least be of original equipment quality. This is the only way to justify the installation effort and the increased costs.

Complete kits - what are they made of?

A timing chain tuning kit, which is advertised as a complete kit, consists, for example, of a hydraulic tensioner, guide pins, slide rails, timing chain (s), chain case seal, shaft sealing rings and oil drain plug. A compatible chain inlet additive can also be added to the kit. The complete kits are used, for example, for repairs or for tuning purposes. The same applies to complete kits that they should be renewed at regular intervals. If there is any rattle, the vehicle should be checked immediately. Timing chain tuning kits should only be installed and replaced by specialists. It is advisable to ask a tuning or specialist workshop for a compatible timing chain kit for your vehicle.

Change timing chain problems cost 1 Increased reliability with a timing chain tuning kit!

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