Keep your eyes open when buying tires: this is how you can find bargains

The car is usually a necessity, but it can also be a passion. The money somehow flows in, but it doesn't really get out - on the contrary, the car still loses value. Buying tires is a tiresome topic. The typical changeover times in October and Easter are common, but it can also happen in between that the important rubber piece suffers damage and has to be replaced. Sometimes the new tires should just be better than the old ones. But how can you find good and cheap offers?

Tire lettering Open your eyes when buying tires: this is how you can find bargains
Figure 1: Buying tires should be approached carefully - if you search accordingly, you will find the right tires on favorable terms. Image source: @ Frank Albrecht /

Compare providers

Even before the Internet, there were several contact points for everything to do with car tires. Drivers could choose to go to special tire dealerships, alternatively to their workshop or a chain of workshops. The dealer or the authorized workshops also had their own tires. In the meantime, the Internet has also been added, which not only makes it possible to have more choices, but also to compare prices. The following is important:

  • Compare providers - whether offline, online or both at the same time. The comparison of providers is the be-all and end-all, because you can not only find cheap tires, but also special models or complete tires. Complete tires can also be put together online according to your choice.
  • The price is not the only thing that decides - Especially when buying tires, it's not just about the price of a set of tires or a single tire. The transport costs are the be-all and end-all. Tires are always sent as freight forwarding goods, which is of course more expensive. The only question is how it is delivered. What happens if the customer is not at home?
  • Tip - Tires can be sent to the preferred workshop. Of course, a consultation is necessary beforehand, but most workshops accept the delivery, provided that they are finally allowed to mount the tires.

Ordering tires online at low prices is child's play thanks to price search engines. But getting the tires home cheaply is a completely different question.

Scour promotional offers

Tires are offered annually at promotional prices. In this regard, drivers should take a closer look, because not everything that is offered is also shiny:

  • Firsts - they don't have to be bad. A little caution is advised when it comes to a completely new manufacturer that has not yet been put through its paces. Should the brand manufacturers Bringing a new tire onto the market and promoting it in a campaign, there are hardly any problems.
  • Shelf keepers - No tire dealer wants to keep tires on the shelf or in the warehouse longer than necessary. Therefore, slow-moving goods are also often advertised in special offers. Now it depends: Is it simply a tire size that is only suitable for a few vehicles? Anyone who is looking for this size as a motorist is now in luck. On the other hand, however, there can also be reasons why a tire could not be sold during the season.
  • season - At the end of the season, tires are often offered again and sold at promotional prices. The stores have to be cleared for the next season. Sometimes special offers can be found, such as winter tires in midsummer or vice versa.

It is always important to make sure that the tires also fit your vehicle. In addition, the question of when the tires were manufactured must be clarified, especially with shopkeepers. A tire has an average service life of up to 10 years, with the exception of wear and tear, of course. But if you buy a “new tire” that is already eight years old, you won't get a bargain even with promotional prices.

Buy high quality tires

Depending on the tire and size, buying a set of tires is not cheap. It is understandable to look directly for special bargains, but the focus should be on the quality of the tires. Bad tires are simply a risk of accidents and endanger the driver and all other road users. But how can you find high-quality tires?

  • Reviews - various car magazines regularly rate car tires. Drivers, however, have to look at the pages of the reports and must never be distracted by the ›test winner seals‹ at dealers. Unfortunately, these seals always have to be questioned, because in the past it often happened that tires with fake winning certificates were placed in online shops.
  • Brand or No-Name? - The fact is: tires are tested before they are approved in Europe. Therefore, no-name tires do not have to be inferior to the branded tires.
  • Tire or complete bike? - Complete wheels contain the rim and are of course more expensive than simple tires. Bare tires are recommended if the old rims can be guaranteed to be reused. Now the new tires can be pulled onto the rims. While winding only works in the workshop, complete wheels should first be checked and rebalanced in the workshop.
  • Air or run flat? - this question also arises. Tires filled with air must be checked regularly. Run-flat tires can also run without air for a limited time, which makes them particularly interesting and a safety feature for motorway commuters. The run-flat tire cannot burst and can disintegrate or tear while it bursts.

The tires must match the car as stated in the vehicle registration document. But it is just as important that they fit your own driving style and the circumstances. A commuter who drives several hundred kilometers on the autobahn a day has different demands than a driver who barely covers 100 kilometers a week. Whether it can be an all-season tire ultimately depends on where you live. But the tires can also ensure that the vehicle has to stay in the garage. If there is snow, driving with all-season tires is not only unsafe, insurance companies also do not consider them to be adequate tires in certain weather conditions. Example: This year the snow in the north German lowlands and Ruhr area.

STapel tires Open your eyes when buying tires: this is how you can find bargains
Figure 2: Special offers and price search engines help to make tire purchases cheap. Image Source: @ Robert Laursoo /

Conclusion - choose the tires well

Drivers often have one characteristic that characterizes many people in various areas: the car is cleaned, cared for, literally turned upside down and serviced. Less attention is paid only to the tires. No car drives without it tire and safety is between the body and the road. When buying tires, vehicle owners should therefore be just as careful and considerate as they are when choosing the best oil or polish. In short: while no car enthusiast puts a run-of-the-mill oil into the engine, no run-of-the-mill tires should be pulled over the rims either.

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