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Tuning fans and their 30th birthday - this will make the celebration a complete success!

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happy birthday gift auto loop tuning fans and the 30th birthday will make the celebration a complete success!


The 30th birthday marks a special period in life. It is finally time to grow up. This occasion needs to be celebrated extensively. If you have an outspoken tuning fan in your family or friends, you shouldn't miss the following tips. This will certainly make the round cradle jubilee a complete success.

Birthday cards for PS friends

Both the invitation and the greeting cards ideally revolve around the favorite hobby. An excellent example of a matching card is the “Full Throttle 30 Invitation Card” model, which here is to be found. It shows a speedometer as well as a checkered flag.

If you would like to have it a bit more personal on the cards, you can design your own copies on online platforms. Of course, your absolute favorite car is best. It can be printed either as a photo or a caricature on the cover sheet.

invitation card birthday full throttle 30 tuning fans and the 30th birthday so the celebration will be a complete success!

If you don't have your own snapshots of the vehicle you want, you can simply browse the Internet. Practical sources are providers such as pexels.comon which the images are not copyrighted. There you can find photos of both vintage and modern racing cars.

In addition, suitable symbols can also be printed on the cards. These include:

  • Traffic signs
  • Brake or tire marks
  • Cars and auto parts

How about a quote from racing legend Walter Röhrl? Some of his famous quotes are:

  • "A car is only fast enough when you stand in front of it in the morning and are afraid to unlock it."
  • "Good drivers have the remains of flies on the side windows."
  • “Oversteer is when the passenger is scared. Understeer when I'm scared. "
  • "Sensible cars are pushed by the drive, not pulled!"

It is important that the saying goes with the birthday child. Only in this way can it develop its full effect.

Of course, your own words should not be missing. There are no limits to creativity here. But no matter whether it is an invitation or a greeting card for the 30th birthday. The content should be communicated clearly and comprehensibly. So that the recipient knows exactly what he needs to know.

Matching cakes and party decorations for car lovers

The tuning topic can most obviously be implemented on the 30th birthday with a matching cake. The cakes can even be created in the desired car shape. Whether a Ferrari cake or a BMW pastry, it is various instructions on to find. Of course, the filigree art of baking is not for everyone. For this purpose there are professional cake artists, from whom the cakes can be ordered according to a template.

cars torte birthday tuning e1631679094210 Tuning fans and the 30th birthday will make the celebration a complete success!

With a mischievous wink, children's snacks can also be served for car fans on their 30th birthday. There is a lot of inspiration on the internet, especially for children's birthdays. From a cucumber snack in the shape of a racing car to a Snickers car with a gummy bear driver, everything can be found. Such a selection of snacks will only be well received if the person celebrating their anniversary is known for their cheerful nature and sunny disposition.

But of course you can also find more noble snacks on the tuning topic. Finger food, for example, can be peppered with black and white flags. The napkins can be printed with the logo of your favorite vehicle. The same applies to balloons and other decorative items.

Fortunately, the party decorations at a 30th birthday tuning party can be very different. Maybe you can celebrate in the workshop ambience of your own garage or the living room is pimped like a glamorous racing team. It can also be noble. If, for example, everything is designed in the colors of the Porsche logo, then a luxury ambience is created directly. The basic color black is adorned with highlights in gold and red. The party decorations should definitely be tailored to the taste and character of the anniversary. It's his party and he should be seen and celebrated with all its facets.

If a real decorative highlight is to be brought into the race, then it would be the purchase of one V8 grills worth considering. If all friends and relatives get together, this would also be an excellent gift.

The song selection for the birthday party

The right music ensures an excellent atmosphere. How about a few car songs? Here are some classics:

  • I am in love with my car - Queen
  • Joyride - Roxette
  • Autobahn - power station
  • On the road again - Willie Nelson
  • Cruising - massive tones
  • Never let me down again - Depeche Mode
  • Get out of my dreams, get into my car - Billy Ocean
  • Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
  • Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
  • Let me ride - Dr. Of the
  • Always crashing in the same car - David Bowie
  • Red Camaro - Rascal Flatts
  • Racing in the Streets - Bruce Springsteen
  • Fuel - Metallica

At over 135 songs were selected for car fans. It is best to choose songs that the anniversary boy and his guests like. It is also a cool action to create a playlist with the charts of the year of birth.

The perfect gifts for tuning fans

Driving a real racing car is an absolute dream for many horsepower fans. But the rapid drive in the Audi R8, Lamborghini or Ferrari does not have to remain a vision. Some providers make it possible for tuning fans to sit behind a PS bolide for their birthday.

Anyone who specializes more in cars from the past few years will definitely be happy about a joyride in a vintage car. There is the right gift for every vehicle fan, whether it is an off-road SUV tour, a visit to a driving simulator or an electric car excursion.

birthday present lamborghini go tuning fans and the 30th birthday will be a great success!

But maybe you have a smaller present for household use in mind? Tuning fans are usually happy about practical car accessories. A voucher from your favorite parts supplier may seem a bit unimaginative, but it will definitely be used.

Alternatively, the following gifts are also worth considering:

  • Steering wheel table
  • GPS tracker for the car
  • Fuel voucher
  • entry lighting
  • Driving safety training
  • Coffee maker for the car
  • Car care set
  • Dashcam

If you fancy a trip with the birthday child, you can give away a visit to one of the major car manufacturers. Alternatively, destinations such as a racing museum or a car race are also suitable.

So that all the details of the celebration are well received, one thing should be considered. Tuning fan is not always tuning fan. There are different preferences and orientations. Only if a party is organized that exactly matches the birthday child's hobby will it be a complete success. If the party is held in the Ferrari style, but the jubilee is an outspoken BMW fan, it will cause irritation.

If a surprise party is planned for the tuning fan’s 30th birthday, the details should be clearly known in advance. What exactly does the heart of the jubilee beat for? This can be clarified by inconspicuous questioning or talking to the closest friends and relatives. If this advice is taken into account, nothing stands in the way of a perfect birthday break.

birthday surprise car party tuning fans and the 30th birthday this way the celebration will be a complete success!

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