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The best tuning games for PC, console & Co.

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Widebody Porsche Taycan White Sensation Rendering 1 copy e1604304513659 The best tuning games for PC, console & Co.

Racing simulations have been one of the most popular game categories since digital gaming existed. From initially minimalist variants, the genre has continued to develop and is one of the most authentic and real experiences that can be found on the game console. In the meantime, the development has progressed so far that you can get a real feel for the cars and their peculiarities when controlling them on the virtual track. Tuning the cars is also an integral part of the experience and fun that these video games are all about.

Tuning games for PC, console & Co.

In other areas of gaming, the fascination of cars is also increasingly becoming the focus. Games of all kinds integrate means of transport into the virtual world. Ego shooters and survival games are based on the vehicle element as an important component of the games.
Since 2006 and the appearance of Call of Duty 3, motorcycles and off-road vehicles, among other things, can be played in the series. At that time one of the most important innovations compared to its predecessors.

Grand Theft Auto Tuning Game 2021 The best tuning games for PC, console & Co.

Slot machines are also increasingly focusing on the subject of cars. Titles like Crazy Cars, Jackpot GT or Highway Kings belong to the repertoire of many Casinos in Germany. The computer game Rocket League even uses vehicles to push an oversized ball into the opponent's goal. It has been so popular for years that championships are now being held for the demanding game.

The Grand Theft Auto Series has been one of the most popular game titles worldwide since the late XNUMXs. Initially focused mainly on races and car chases, autotuning is moving more and more into the foreground and is an integral part of the in-game experience. So the subject of cars is omnipresent. That is why the best games for tuning fans are brought together here.

Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6 is often hailed as one of the best racing games of all time for some “drifty” reasons. There are over 1200 different cars to choose from. There is currently no other game offering so much choice. The tuning options are also enormous, so you can adapt every little detail of your selected car as you wish.

Gran Turismo 6 Tuning Game 2021 The best tuning games for PC, console & Co.

Details are generally a crucial theme of this title, thanks to which it can still keep up with newer games despite being released in 2013. For one thing, it was the first game to be licensed by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) could use. On the other hand, the graphical subtleties are breathtaking. The numerous routes are adapted in such a way that the constellation of the stars changes according to the location of the racetrack itself. As mentioned earlier, the game is 8 years old and a PS3 exclusive. For fans of extensive car games, this game is still indispensable.

Grid 2

This game also convinces with detailed and realistic optics as well as a good online mode. What really stands out here is the realistic damage that the car may take. This encourages more conscious driving in the game, but in no way reduces driving fun. The career mode is also worth mentioning and impresses with challenging races and extensive options for tuning.

Grid 2 Tuning Game 2021 The best tuning games for PC, console & Co.

Here the focus is on Street carsthat can be customized as you wish, while classic racing cars tend to take a back seat. The tuning is not limited to the appearance of the car, the engine, drive or handling can also be tweaked. A well balanced game that gives gamers variety.


This title is less well known than the others on the list, but all the more interesting for tuners. It was developed by Sector3 Studios, which already have experience with racing simulations. In addition to around 100 cars and the choice between 40 routes, the focus here is entirely on customizing the car. In addition to the appearance, the interior is also completely adapted to individual ideas.

RaceRoom Tuning Game 2021 The best tuning games for PC, console & Co.

You can even equip the cars with everything from rally to Formula 1 models when it comes to tires. The game offers an excellent driving experience and can also be played completely free of charge. It is certainly less complex than titles like Gran Turismo, but it offers an even greater fun factor, especially for recreational gamers.

Forza Horizon 4

Another well-known name in the world of virtual car racing is Forza Horizon 4, a Microsoft exclusive. The game, released in 2018, offers great graphics of the detailed environment, which allows the driver to immerse himself in the game. The tuning options here actually require some knowledge, so it's one of the more complex variants. Every little thing can be adjusted and updated accordingly.

Forza Horizon 4 Tuning Game 2021 The best tuning games for PC, console & Co.

The decisive factor is on which routes the vehicle is ultimately used. From the tire pressure to the transmission to the negative pressure and stability, everything must be taken into account that affects the driving behavior of the car. Accordingly, the complexity could be rather off-putting for inexperienced players, but it might be just the thing for users with an affinity for tuning.

Need for Speed ​​(2015)

One name that should not be missing on lists of racing games is Need for Speed. In addition to the focus on cars, the 2015 reboot offers a more extensive storyline than other racing games. There is a choice of 51 cars, which can be completely adapted to the player's ideas in the virtual garage. In terms of optics, classics such as exhausts, rear spoilers or bonnets have long since become standard for tuning, but things get interesting inside the car. For example, the handling can be personalized, tailored to your own driving behavior.

Need for Speed ​​Tuning Game 2021 The best tuning games for PC, consoles & Co.

But the performance of the car is also increased with nitro, better tires and new cooling systems. The list of possibilities is long, among other things, the engine block, camshaft and cylinder head can be gradually installed. The more performance-enhancing parts that are installed, the more options there are afterwards in the handling settings. A game that guarantees fun and challenge, paired with the melancholy of the old NFS series.

2020 Toyota Supra Widebody Rendering Ambielec Design Tuning 3 The Best Tuning Games for PC, Console & Co.

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