When it comes to wheel broaching / spacers you are right here

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We tell you what wheel spacers / spacers mean!

Wheel Spacer keyword When it comes to track broadening / spacers, you are in the right placeThe wheel spacers / spacers are used almost exclusively in the tuning area. The wheel spacers / spacers are attached between the wheel hub and the rim. The purpose of the wheel spacers / spacers is to increase the distance between the wheel and the car. The installation of the wheel spacers / spacers makes the wheel look better in the wheel arch thanks to the widened outer wheelbase and can therefore be installed for most tuner basic wheel spacers / spacers. The driving behavior is also slightly improved by installing the wheel spacers / spacers, as the vehicle gets better driving behavior because the side slope is less. Wheel spacers / spacers may only be installed with certain wheel-tire combinations. Track widening / spacers must always have an ABE or a TGA.

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