All-round speed camera: the horror of traffic offenders!

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Nano Parifex all-round speed camera radar detector
Image: Parifex

In many cases, with a bit of luck, driving too fast on expressways or on the Autobahn has no consequences. Often, however, a small camera causes a nasty surprise in our mailboxes in the form of fines that strain our wallets and sometimes result in a driving ban. The so-called radar systems However, they do not always trigger correctly and are also susceptible to a wide variety of environmental influences, such as fog, heavy rain or snowfall. It's hard to believe when you consider the state-of-the-art technology these days. France has now dedicated itself specifically to the topic and aims to play a pioneering role in matters Traffic safety and traffic monitoring on. The radar systems built there are, thanks to the latest and most modern technology much more able to detect than just speeding. Namely with the so-called Lidar technology, a type of three-dimensional laser scanning.

with 3D lidar sensor

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Autonomous driving is also based on this technology and will have a decisive influence on the future of the automotive industry. The company based in France Parifex has invested a lot of time and money into the development of a new, state-of-the-art radar system equipped with a 3D lidar sensor, plugged. This system, called at baptism "Nano“ is the world's first system that is equipped with additional features in addition to measuring speeds. Conventional radar systems known to us are stationary devices that require a very special alignment in order to be able to fulfill their function correctly. Nano doesn't need that! The practical thing, the new high-tech tool has measuring capabilities, so to speak at a 360 degree angle and can therefore monitor entire intersections and not just one direction. The stationary and mobile usability gives "Nano" a variety of options for monitoring traffic in the best possible way. In addition to measuring speed, this system can also Safety distance of vehicles to each other. In the worst case, there is a double fine.

Are all four wheels really still?

This sentence is well known to everyone and great importance is attached to it in driving tests. At a stop sign, everyone has four wheels to stand stillbefore crossing the intersection. But what does that have to do with the lidar system? Quite simply, in the future, illegal crossing of stop signs will also be punished. The same should be done when driving over red traffic lights be the case. The technology was developed by the LNE (Laboratoire national de métrologie et d'essais, the French counterpart to the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) has already been released and now nothing stands in the way of the first public test phase in France. Furthermore, the system should also be completely independent of external factors such as environmental influences of all kinds or different lighting situations and always retain its full functionality. So the near future will show how well the new system can hold its own. In the future, willful traffic offenders should therefore dress warmly and comply with the traffic regulations, otherwise it can be expensive. Photo credit: Parifex

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