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For bargain hunters among car owners, this is it Seasonal license plates an interesting alternative. Because thanks to them you can drive on public roads for a certain period of time, and during the rest of the time Save taxes and insurance fees. Below you can find out what seasonal license plates are, how to apply for them and what else you need to know about them.

Season license plate - the information!

who his vehicle only for a certain period of time wants to use can save money with a seasonal license plate. Because if you want to use the vehicle for only 6 months a year, for example, you can do that with the seasonal license plate. This eliminates insurance and tax costs for the rest of the period and the vehicle owner only pays for the 6 months in which the car was registered. This is worthwhile, for example, for anyone who prefers to drive their car in winter and motorbike in summer. In this case, the owner even needs two seasonal license plates: One for the car and one for the motorcycle. The permitted period is stamped on the seasonal license plate.

Season license plate Short-term license plate

Im In the upper area is the month information for the start and in lower area the month for the end of the permitted period. However, the owner should observe the permitted period exactly and don't drive a day longer, otherwise fines will apply. Incidentally, this also applies to parking. An unregistered car is allowed not on public roads be parked, but only on a private property. Incidentally, vehicles with seasonal license plates require none constant registration and deregistration. A new application is only necessary if the validity period has to be changed. In this case, new license plates must also be created.

Simply apply for a seasonal license plate

A season indicator is at the Admissions office requested. Practically, you can also apply online via e-approval. However, it is still necessary to go to the registration office after receiving the seasonal license plate, since the stickers are attached to the license plate on site. But what documents are required to apply for a seasonal license plate? You can actually find them quickly and the following overview can be helpful:

  • Certificate of approval (Part I + II)
  • Passport or identity card of the vehicle owner and the registration certificate
  • SEPA direct debit mandate to be able to collect the vehicle tax
  • Confirmation of the manufacturer's data when the vehicle is first registered
  • insurance number
  • Information regarding the season period
  • TÜV report or HU and AU report
  • Confirmation of the reservation or the old number plate.

Important special rules when applying for a seasonal license plate

Motorists know that every vehicle must have a current TÜV certificate. But what about vehicles with a seasonal license plate? And what happens if you want to apply for a seasonal license plate but the owner cannot go to the registration office in person? In this case, the regulations are slightly different compared to the other signs.

Season license plate Short-term license plate

  • Season license plate and the Technical Monitoring Association (TÜV)

If the next TÜV appointment is in a period in which the seasonal license plate is not or no longer valid, the inspection must be carried out postponed until the registration season starts again. As long as the seasonal license plate is not valid, the main inspection will not carried out.

  • Allow third-party season plates

It is not uncommon for someone other than the vehicle owner to register the vehicle. Of course, this is also possible with a seasonal license plate. It should be noted, however, that the representative has a Vollmacht for the approval of the seasonal license plate. He must also show his passport or ID card.

  • Seasonal license plates and car owners under 18 years of age

It can happen that the vehicle owner is not yet 18 years old and already has a driver's license. If an underage vehicle owner is to receive a seasonal license plate, a written one must be submitted consent form be presented to a parent or guardian. In addition, the identity card of the owner and the legal guardian are also required here.

  • Vehicle registration to companies or clubs

When registering a company car, the company representative must Commercial register extract be able to show. The excerpt should not be older than three years. At the same time, the managing director must Vollmacht for the registration of the company car or must be present in person. When registering a GbR, the registration office requires not only the power of attorney but also the articles of association and a declaration signed by all shareholders stating that on whom the vehicle is registered. If a season license plate is to be applied for for a club vehicle, a Extract from the association register to submit. Here, too, the club representative needs one Vollmacht of the club founder.

Apply for the seasonal license plate quickly online

The seasonal number plate and the reservation of the desired number plate must be applied for at the responsible registration office. However, there is the option of purchasing the seasonal license plates online. In this case, you only have to tell the online provider your desired combination of letters and numbers for the license plate and the period of time. You will often receive your new seasonal license plate after just one working day. The additional costs for the registration and the reservation of the seasonal number plate (approx. 40 euros) are then paid at the registration office.

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