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Almost everyone loves their car and of course some want to show that to the outside world. But to keep it looking good, the car needs maintenance. However, there are many car owners who do not trust a car wash. Any scratches or dents could damage the car. So what do you do? Sure, the car, for example, in the driveway, in front of the garage or in the parking lot just wash it yourself. You know the cleaning agents that you use and of course you are careful to treat the car and paintwork as carefully as possible. It may take a little longer, but it costs less and that's important to some people. But exactly at this point it could be expensive, even if it is fundamental there is no legal prohibition. Because washing the car, for example in the driveway, in the parking lot or in front of the garage, is definitely one thing will not, environmentally friendly. By showering with the Kärcher, soaping up with various cleaners, cleaning the rims and the underbody, tar, oil, cleaning agents, chemicals and many other pollutants can get directly into the groundwater and thus extremely pollute it.

There are severe penalties!

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In the worst case, you can even make yourself liable to prosecution if you wash the vehicle at home. Especially when you're near one water protection area resides. Because there are particularly strict bans due to possible pollution of the groundwater. Depending on the location, it is even completely forbidden to wash the car at home. Even if the vehicle is only hosed down with water, there are penalties. So you should find out in advance about any washing bans at your place of residence. Then unnecessary penalties can be avoided. Although there is no general ban on washing the vehicle at home, it has long been permitted not automatically. Whether you can or not, that can from place to place and even from property to property be handled differently.

the Water Resources Act (WHG) applies nationwide

Only the Water Resources Act (WHG) as a rough guide is valid everywhere. There it says: "A permit for the discharge of substances into the groundwater may only be granted if there is no reason to fear that the groundwater will be contaminated or that its properties will be adversely affected in any other way." Specifically, this means: Car washing in the driveway is allowed only if it is ensured that the groundwater is not contaminated. If you ignore the requirements, then you can Fines of up to 100.000 euros depending on the circumstances (severity of contamination). That's why they are carwash, a Self-service wash box or one on Handwash specialized place the better choice. In addition, the fear of scratches is usually unfounded these days, because modern car washes are often even gentler on the paintwork than an inexperienced hand wash by a layperson.

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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