Are black taillights allowed on the car?

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For most people, their own vehicle is more than just an everyday object. Therefore, there is often a desire to change the look of the car or to provide it with additional equipment. In Germany, however, there are strict rules as to which changes can and cannot be made to the vehicle. Because tuning is only legally harmless to a certain extent. There are often uncertainties, especially when it comes to changes to the headlights/rear lights. Therefore, for example, the topic "black taillights“ an important one among hobby mechanics. Are black or dark Rear lights now allowed or not?

FAQ: Black taillights

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popular, but often prohibited without additional reflectors - black taillights

Are black taillights allowed?

  • no The rear lights of vehicles must always be red. The uniform specification is useful for road safety.

Where can I find the current regulations for the permitted color of the lighting devices?

  • The lighting devices are defined in Section 53 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations.

Is it ok to color the taillights differently?

  • no Painting or attaching a foil are not permitted tuning.

Despite the many offers, black taillights are not permitted!

Glazing taillights illegal

Black taillights are normalerweis to not allowed. The Road Traffic Licensing Regulations do not permit any light colors other than those required for the lights on the vehicle. In general, the StVZO explains in § 49a paragraph 1 sentence 1 that on motor vehicles and trailers only the prescribed and separately declared permitted lighting systems may be installed. In addition, it can be read in Section 53 (4) sentence 1 with regard to the color of reflectors that on motor vehicles at the rear two red reflectors must be present. In addition, the reversing lights (the lights that indicate to the person behind that the vehicle is reversing) to keep in white. This makes it clear that taillights must always emit red light and black taillights are not permitted.

Some people think they can circumvent the requirement by installing a red light bulb or, for example, only coloring the outside of the rear light black with a film. However, this is also inadmissible. In general, it doesn't matter like the discoloration occurs. Anyone who has rear lights foiled or painted black without changing the lamp as such still risks fines or even having the vehicle shut down! Although the traffic law shows clear regulations, there are multiple offers for primarily on the net black taillights. This includes videos with advice on correct cultivation, different glazes or sprays for various tints, which are intended to sell with descriptions such as "Conditionally approved in the area of ​​the German Road Traffic Act". But don't get confused here. Changing the light color of the light is never permitted!

You can expect these penalties!

If you make an impermissible change to the car by tuning it, for example by installing glazed rear lights, the operating license will generally expire. If you are on the road without one, you have to expect a fine of 50 euros. In addition, black taillights can be a hazard to traffic. The dark color provides a dimmed light that is not as conspicuous as a legal light in red. If there is an accident that is attributed to black taillights - for example because the driver behind was not able to see the vehicle in front of him optimally -, then it is possible that the Insurance coverage expires. In addition, a fine of 90 euros and a point in Flensburg are usually due if such a hazard arises. If the driver does not know what changes he can make, then he should seek advice from a local workshop or test center.

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