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Cost of the general inspection? We have the information!

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TUeV main inspection control HU AU costs of the main inspection? We have the information!

Anyone who owns a motor vehicle must use it regularly General inspection. How high the costs are in normal cases is explained here. Every two years Vehicles in Germany have to be subjected to a general inspection by a testing organization such as TÜV, Dekra, KüS and so on. That is what is required General inspection and emission inspection. These are required by law and come with HU and AU abbreviated. Thereby costs are due for vehicle owners. Unfortunately can not flat rate be told what these costs are. It depends on the type of vehicle, the gross vehicle weight, the federal state and the testing organization. However, the costs in the state do not differ much, so it is not worth driving to a neighboring state.

Plan for 100 to 120 euros

TÜV sticker declaration Cost of the main inspection? We have the information!

According to ADAC, the costs of the HU at TÜV Süd are at least 56 Euro. It is recommended that the HU and AU are done on the same date, as this is usually necessary anyway. The costs for both examinations then add up to 100 euros to 120 euros for car owners. For vehicles weighing between 3,5 tons and 7,5 tons the costs are a little higher, namely at 120 euros to 160 euros. Anyone who owns a motorhome and takes it for a general inspection has to 20 Euros pay more. It is also special that RVs are unlike other vehicles have to go to the main inspection every yearas soon as they have reached the age of six.

Trailers also have to go to the TÜV

If you have a trailer, it is best to show it right away when the car is at the HU and AU. Usually the costs for this are around 30 euros. For heavier trailers, the cost can even increase up to 100 Euro amount. For owners of a motorcycle, the costs for the examinations add up to about 70 Euro. If the deadline for the main inspection is not kept, is with Additional costs of 20 percent to be expected for the increased effort. If the police catch a vehicle with an expired AU and or HU, a penalty can be imposed from up to 60 euros and even one point become due.

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traffic ticket abroad e1601033394464 310x165 Costs of the main inspection? We have the information!

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traffic light flash fine fine 310x165 costs of the main inspection? We have the information!

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Car wash clear water bucket 310x165 cost of the general inspection? We have the information!

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