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You are not allowed to park your motorhome everywhere!

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2021 Flowcamper Casper VW T6.1 Motorhome Mercedes Vito 2 You are not allowed to park your motorhome everywhere!

Camping enthusiasts are only allowed to park their motorhome in certain places. Due to Corona, the number of mobile homes has been on the streets increased greatly. This has exacerbated the situation in parking spaces that were previously in short supply. Anyone looking for a parking space on the motorway in the evening knows how annoying it is not to find a suitable space.

Where to park the motorhome?

The following rules must be observed when parking mobile homes. with Mobile homes, Harnesses and Caravan trailers it is quite difficult to find a parking space. They are often too wide or too long. If the road traffic regulations allow, they are allowed to theoretically stand wherever parking is allowed. Often, however, parking signs (Character 314) point out that only a normal "car" may be parked there, but not mobile homes. However there is Differences between mobile homes and attached caravans. In normal parking lots and on the roadside, it is allowed with a motorhome up to 7,5 tons Total weight to park. That is allowed, though no Traffic sign with the sign "Pkw" is attached. Parking is not limited in time at these parking spaces.

motorhome parking lot parking penalty camping 1 You are not allowed to park your motorhome everywhere!

However, it is not allowed to park the motorhome in narrow streets. The campers are wider than a car and would hinder the passage of normal sized cars and the prescribed safety distance of 1,5 meters, can then not be adhered to.

Whether coupled or not plays a big role!

Coupled caravans are allowed in time unlimited parking. Decoupled caravans, weighing less than two tons, are allowed in residential areas, no longer than two weeks, then they have to be reparked. The caravan is allowed to stand at the new location for two weeks, etc. The police can easily follow this up by checking the wheel or valve position. Has a vehicle more than 7,5 tons and the uncoupled trailer more than two tons, is allowed in residential areas between 22 p.m. and 6 a.m. not parked become. This also applies to public holidays and Sundays, as well as to spa areas and clinic areas.

1992 Airstream 350LE luxury motorhome Restomod 34 You are not allowed to park your motorhome everywhere!

Road users must be considerate!

If parking on sidewalks is allowed, the vehicle is only allowed up to 2,8 tons to weigh. Appropriate signs allow parking on sidewalks. In cities with restricted-traffic parking zones, parking is only within marked areas allowed. Even if parking is allowed near schools and daycare centers, it is advisable not to do so with mobile homes. Children who have to cross the street do not have a good overview of the traffic due to the bulky motorhome. It may be dangerous.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it. has a lot of other articles on the subject of auto & tuning in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. But also planned changes in the law, violations in road traffic, current regulations in the field of STVO or on the subject inspection we would like to inform you regularly. Everything you can find in the category "Test sites, laws, offenses, information". Following an excerpt of the last information:

This is how you create an emergency lane on the motorway!

Rettungsgasse Autobahn overland form foreign countries 310x165 You are not allowed to park your mobile home everywhere!

Regrooving car tires? Is that actually allowed?

REGROOVABLE Regrooving Tire Car, Truck, regroovable Auto 310x165 You are not allowed to park your motorhome everywhere!

Emergency vehicle with flashing lights & siren - this must be observed!

Block emergency vehicle hinder penalty 310x165 You are not allowed to park your motorhome everywhere!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 You are not allowed to park your motorhome everywhere!

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