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Approve a rally vehicle for use on public roads?

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DMSB KFP motor vehicle pass Do you allow rally vehicles to be used on public roads?

To with your own car at a Rally To participate, a lot has to be considered. Compliance with regulations and rules before you even use your own car is very important. So include safety devices like special Belts, seats, Roll cage, possibly even one Fire extinguishing system, etc. mandatory to do so. Because the vehicles taking part in the rally are so unusually equipped, difficulties have often arisen in the past an approval for public road traffic to obtain. However, this can be complicated, as the participants have to cover connecting stages beyond the special stages during the rally, which lead over public roads. It is also not unusual for the participants to arrive in the rally vehicle straight away, then drive the race and ultimately want to return home with the good piece.

the DMSB vehicle pass

DMSB motor vehicle pass HTP Fia e1620446880494 Permit a rally vehicles for use on public roads?So that rally drivers on public roads without problems with their vehicles in accordance with the StVZO there is a special procedure for them. The Deutsche Motor Sport Bund has a special vehicle pass together with the Federal Ministry of Transport (DMSB-KFP) created. In order to get this it has to be applied for at the DMSB. The Motor Sport Bund provides the necessary application form and useful tips on its website. The application is examined in the first instance. Then the car checked by an expert and compared with the information given in the application. If everything is in line with one another, the vehicle owner will be given his license plate with the corresponding one plaque presented. The indicator is then on the inside of the windshield to attach.

orange and dark blue badge

The badge comes in two variants therefore - in Orange and in dark Blue. The orange badge is for one of the Group G associated rally vehicles. These are vehicles that only insignificant rebuilt, so they are still quite close to series production. With these vehicles, the driver can then take part in public road traffic without restriction. In the dark blue badge however, it looks different. Here the driver is only allowed to drive on public roads if he is on his way to a registered and approved motor sport event or on his way home from one. Besides, he is in this case Committed, one proof about his participation with him.

orange badge DMSB dark blue rally car Do you allow rally vehicles for use on public roads?

for transfer stage / trip

He is also only allowed to take part in public road traffic if he is on a Transfer stage / trip is located. Furthermore, he is only allowed to fit into road traffic when he is on a Test drive or test drive is located or if a trip is intended Maintenance or repair necessary is. The driver is only allowed to use the KFP sticker a year drive long. In order to renew the DMSB-KFP, one repeats Handover Completion by a DMSB expert. However, an extension can always be requested. And of course the usual traffic rules of all road users apply to the rally vehicles on public roads. That means, sporty “queuing” before the next bend in the 30 zone in front of the supermarket is natural verboten!

Historic Technical Passport (HTP)

The Historic Technical Passport (HTP) has two purposes. On the one hand for use in competitions by officials of the technical teams / officials for the assessment of the admissibility of the vehicles and on the other hand for use by organizers of competitions for the classification and class structure in their competitions. All GT and touring cars are homologated and street legal. The FIA ​​Historic Technical Passport (HTP) is valid for 10 years.

Historic Technical Passport HTP A rally vehicle permit for public traffic?

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