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You must bear this in mind when re-registering a motor vehicle! If you buy a used car or move to another registration district, you must register your car with the registration office register. This was the case 2019 million times in Germany in 8,2. Usually the reason was the sale of the vehicle. But a change can also be due to an inheritance within the family or due to a separation. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when registering. So you need to present certain documents to the admissions office, and not always a re-registration means that the registration number also changes. Often the old license plate can be kept. Attention: Re-registration is also possible under certain conditions online and feasible. If you miss the re-registration, that's one thing misdemeanor and you will face a fine. Here you can find out everything you need to know about re-registering your vehicle.

Which documents are required?

If you want to register your vehicle, you must register with the local registration office Report. Which documents you need exactly depends on the reason for the re-registration. It is best to inquire in advance by telephone or e-mail. Reasons are about because you moved and want to take the vehicle with you – with or without a license plate – or because the vehicle has changed hands – with or without a license plate. You should usually have the following documents with you:

  • Identity card or passport, including registration certificate.
  • If a representative is making the transfer, they must present their ID card or passport, a power of attorney issued by you and a copy of your ID.
  • The number of the electronic confirmation of insurance (eVB). (as proof of liability insurance)
  • Registration certificate part I and II (formerly vehicle registration document & vehicle registration document).
  • Current test certificate of the main inspection.
  • Direct debit authorization for vehicle tax. (SEPA Direct Debit Mandate)
  • If the number plate changes, the old number plates.
  • In the case of an import vehicle, the CoC papers.

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As mentioned above, find out previously at your registration office which documents are relevant for the re-registration of the vehicle.

Can I also register my car online?

Since 2019 it has been possible to park a vehicle on the Online portal of the responsible approval authority to register. To do this, you must first identify yourself. You need an ID card with an activated Online ID function and a PIN. Both registration certificates are required for this have covert security codes. Then enter your license plate number and the security code of Authorization I. If the vehicle changes owners, the security code of the registration certificate II must also be entered. Then upload the evidence for the main inspection and emissions test. Finally, enter the eVB number as confirmation of your insurance and your IBAN for direct debit for vehicle tax. You can pay the applicable fees by credit or debit card.

Can I keep my number plate?

Drivers used to have to register their car within six months if they moved to another registration district. This also changed the license plate. Since 2015 it is possible to keep the mark, If you within Germany change place of residence. This regulation is intended to reduce bureaucracy and save time and money. Nevertheless, going to the registration office is unavoidable, because the new address must be entered in Part I of the registration certificate. However, this process does not take as long as a new registration. you pull within the licensing district and would like to keep the old number plate, then the change of address must also be made in Part I of the registration certificate. Incidentally, you can also take your old license plate number with you Sales from the vehicle. Even if the buyer comes from a different registration district.

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What is there to consider from an insurance point of view?

Shop registered Used vehicle, then the insurance goes automatically transferred to you. As a new vehicle owner, you can cancel the insurance either with immediate effect or within the current insurance period with one month's notice. In turn, the insurance provider can terminate the contract in the event of a sale within one month. If you move, you must expect that the regional class will change. You will then receive a new eVB number, which you should take care of in good time, as this must be presented to the registration office when you register.

What does the re-registration cost and how high is the fine if you fail to do so?

If a car is re-registered due to a change of owner or place of residence, there are currently (as of 01.2022) fees of 17 Euros payable if you keep the license plate. If you would like to be assigned a new number plate, the fees are about 28 Euro plus approx. 25 to 30 euros for the license plates. You usually have up to a week to re-register after buying or moving. If you fail to register within this period, you will be penalized with a warning fee of 15 Euros punished. If the admissions office is not able to give you an appointment within this period, the fine will not apply.

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