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Stamped AU badge damaged or illegible? The info!

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License plate stamp AU badge damaged illegible 2 stamps AU badge damaged or illegible? The info!

Not only if the next General inspection pending, can a new badge be necessary on the license plate. This can also happen, for example, if through one Pressure Washer has removed the sticker (s) on the license plate. Also a dirty or oily surface can lead to the HU / AU sticker (s) becoming detached and lost. Even that Theft the badges already existed. But what should be considered if your license plate or the sticker (s) attached to it damaged or illegible became.

How does that go?

Remove your license plates from your car and present them to the registration office. It usually works problem-free the employee can change the license plate or badge directly at their workplace. A new HU / AU will, insofar as it still exists, can not be necessary. Attention! If the license plate is stolen or lost, there is one Re-labeling necessary. Report the Theft absolutely the police! (more info)

License plate stamp AU badge damaged illegible 1 stamps AU badge damaged or illegible? The info!

What documents do you need to bring with you?

As always, you should check your Passport or identity card carry with you. If you're doing this on behalf of a family member, you'll need one written power of attorney and a valid one original ID or passport of the authorized person. In the case of minors, an consent form and also one identification card required by the custodian. Legal persons or companies should have a Commercial register extract, which business registration and / or one Extract from the association register submit.

Approval paper car part 1 stamp AU badge damaged or illegible? The info!

The registration certificate part 1 (vehicle registration). Should be in it none You must be able to find detailed information on the next general inspection (HU) a proof Enclose with the valid HU. Of course, you always have to bring the previous license plate with you. Important information: In the event that you have a license plate from a other administrative district you have to all marksthat are on the vehicle for stamping.

What are the costs?

Usually the costs for the rear license plate (AU & stamp) are included 4,90 Euros (As of 04.2021). For the license plates, if they are defective and no longer usable, they are not additional costs at. And it must beide License plates are presented as well as the registration of the vehicle. Only then will the defective badge / stamp be replaced.

Costs of badge registration Auto Landratsamt TUeV ASU district stamp AU badge damaged or illegible? The info!

How long does it take to process the request?

Usually something like that can rinse to be edited, without long waiting times or problems. The prerequisite for this, however, is that all the necessary documents can be presented and the vehicle still has a valid HU / AU. Replacement is required if:

  • Your license plate through the weather illegible has become or damaged has been (e.g. accident)
  • the Inspection sticker or the Stamp plaque (or both) have become detached from the license plate or have been damaged, so that the security code or the next due date no longer deciphered that it can be

Who is the responsible body in such a case?

It is the registration office in the district of your main residence, branch or place of business. The licensing authority for the urban district is the city ​​council and for the district that court House.

Compulsory shutdown Compulsory deregistration Administrative order TÜV badge stamp AU badge damaged or illegible? The info!

Of course that had not been the case.

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