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TÜV and lowering: How low can a car be?

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TÜV and lowering: How low can a car be?

In the German "Road Traffic Licensing Regulations" is there no correct rule for ground clearance. Nevertheless, you have to consider a lot when lowering. The most popular conversions include body kits, performance upgrades and chassis tuning. This guide is about subsequently lowered vehicles. The lowering cannot simply be carried out by every tuning enthusiast in the private garage. Certain rules must be observed.

Test center & lowering

TÜV and lowering: How low can a car be?

From the legislature there is no specification, how big the ground clearance between body and road has to be. Although there is no specified distance regulation for the height, the "Road Traffic Licensing Regulations" (StVZO) in Section 30 paragraphs 1 and 2 stipulates that passenger cars must have a "road-friendly design". If experts check the lowered car, for example for the main inspection (HU), for an entry or because of a necessary individual acceptance, the "Vd TÜV leaflet 751' a useful tool. The information contained therein is not part of any law!

Lowering: VD TÜV leaflet 751 as a reference!

  • The leaflet is a guideline and not a law of the StVZO!
  • It is NOT binding!
  • Vehicles that do not comply with the key data ex works often have a special permit!

If you want to lower your car, you would have to contact a test center before installation and discuss in advance what ideas the tester has. In the test centers there are sometimes strict or looser assessments. The inspectors can check whether a tuned car is too low Vd TÜV leaflet 751 as a Orientation check. It says that with the driver in the driver's seat and a full tank, the car must be able to negotiate barriers 800 millimeters wide and 110 millimeters high, without touching themto be able to run over. There is one important exception for the tuner: Add-on body parts made of elastic material, such as plastic, are exempt from this regulation. Another aspect that car fans have to consider from a legal point of view when converting is this minimum distance with certain lighting installations such as indicators or headlights and also the distance from the number plate to the road is important. The STVZO specifies specified dimensions here.

license plates and headlights. STVZO specifies minimum height!

If you want to lower your car, according to the STVZO you have to note that the lower edge of light emission of high and low beam and the indicators on the sides must be at least 50 centimeters above the road. And the lower edge of the front license plate must not start less than 20 centimeters above the road. With the number plate at the rear, the distance to the road must even be at least 30 centimeters.

TÜV and lowering: How low can a car be?

Regulations and dimensions for lowering:

  1. With a height of 110 millimeters and a width of 800 millimeters, it must be possible to drive over obstacles.

The minimum height of the lower edge of the light outlet and lighting equipment:

  1. Low beam and high beam 50 centimeters.
  2. Side indicators 50 centimeters.
  3. Brake light 35 centimeters.
  4. Tail light 35 centimeters.
  5. Indicators rear and front 35 centimeters.
  6. Rear headlights 25 centimeters.
  7. Side marker lights 25 centimeters.
  8. Fog lights 25 centimeters.
  9. Rear fog lights 25 centimeters.

Observe the minimum height of the lower edges of the number plate:

  1. Rear license plate 30 centimeters.
  2. Number plate in front 20 centimeters.

TÜV and lowering: How low can a car be?

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TÜV and lowering: How low can a car be?

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TÜV and lowering: How low can a car be?

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