Hugo Silva Designs

The graphic artist Hugo Silva Designs is a PC artist and is considered a master of design. Imagine the following: Hugo Silva Designs has a sketch of a vehicle in front of him, paints one or the other unsightly spot, erases something here, a little there, in other places things like additional doors or a combination rear end are added, including Widebody kit, and a new vehicle is ready. Here a line, there a new part and bang, a new car is designed that can be rebuilt! Hugo Silva Designs works with the utmost precision in order to avoid optical errors as much as possible. When it comes to auto tuning, Hugo Silva Designs is something like the architect for vehicles. An idea comes up and he grabs the actual basic design. Based on this, he either creates something completely new or a heavily modified vehicle. The ability shows a special gift that is extremely important in the scene. Many a company failed because it was unable to implement the idea virtually in the head in order to then create a vehicle or a new component on this basis. That doesn't happen to Hugo Silva Designs! It doesn't matter if it's a Audi, one BMW , or Mercedes is, and also exotic like one Acura or Maserati are refined virtually there. There is more about the company