Tuesday 21st September 2021

Litchfield Motors

The tuning company Litchfield Motors has been around for 21 years and since then has provided the community with fresh projects from various directions. Autotuning operates the family business especially for BMW, Audi, Nissan, Ferrari, Ford, Porsche, Subaru and Mercedes, The girls and boys are not reinventing the wheel, but always innovate existing vehicles, parts and projects so they always take the scene a step forward with so many projects. Whether things are progressing in terms of performance or appearance, Litchfield Motors will do everything in its power to make it happen. A favorite activity of the team from England, is turning ordinary cars into PS strong all-rounders, which are made equally for the racetrack and the roads alike. Lovers of the mentioned brands can be surprised and should take a closer look at one or the other project of the team. A closer look is definitely worth it. If you love progress and yet tried and tested, that is right here.