Roush performance

The company, based in Livonia, Michigan, USA, specializes in the design, development and manufacture of high-performance components for both road and racing vehicles. Founded in the year 1995, Roush Performance looks back on almost 25 years of experience and expertise in this field. The developments include all areas of a vehicle, from the chassis, over the body, the interior, to the engine. Specialized are the experts and engineers of the company on the vehicles of the brand Ford. Whether Ford F-150, Ford Focus or Ford Mustang, potential for improvement can be found on every vehicle and of course also implemented. This is how unique automobiles are created, which have a large circle of automotive enthusiasts in North America in particular and have also become known beyond the country's borders. The enthusiasm for high-performance vehicles is particularly great in the USA, so that Roush Performance need not worry about the influx of enthusiastic customers. "Think big" is not just a saying in the USA, but an attitude to life. There is more about the company

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