The Auto Firm

The American company The Auto Firm, based in Florida, stands for high-level car tuning. The founder Alex Vega has already tuned numerous cars of famous musicians and sports stars with his company since 2010! Like the car of the Jamaican sprinter and Olympic champion Usain Bolt. The Auto Firm is passionate about tuning wheels and tires, body kits, window tinting, lighting, audio systems, video and electronic systems and many more! Alex Vega, who has been passionate about cars since childhood, suffered various failures in his youth and nevertheless worked his way up and fought his way up to become a renowned and important car tuner! His talent and strong family ties have made him a well-known and successful businessman. Above all, the company stands for uniqueness and authenticity - no car may look like another, every model and every work must be visibly different! The Auto Firm also likes to use German quality goods in its work and prefers vehicles of the brand Jeep.

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