Tikt performance

Technology, innovation, cost optimization and adherence to deadlines - these words are in the name of the tuning company Tikt Performance from Stephanskirchen in Germany. The two brothers Kresimir and Tomislav Bodrozic founded the company in 1999 and have been successful in the business ever since, not least thanks to their concept, which they have faithfully and loyally pursued and represented to this day. The brothers and their employees specialize in precision products for the latest high-tech boxes from Mercedes, or those who want to become one. Autotuning is not just a simple term for the Bodrozic brothers, it is an art form. Every finished project should surpass the previous one, overcome old limits and inspire anew. The girls and boys from Tikt Performance know that the vehicle has to be individually adapted to the person, which is why proximity to people plays a major role. Vehicle and human are understood as a unit that is united through discipline and dedication. Those who rely on safe, reliable work and do not put individuality aside, are more than right here. There is more about the company tikt.de.

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