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Ideal for driving: car apps!

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Ideal for driving: car apps!

The automotive industry is changing and what was utopia a decade ago is already standard today. Not only are the vehicles themselves constantly evolving, but also the technology around them. Applications for smartphones or tablets offer more and more options to support car journeys. Which apps are particularly valuable and which little helper offers more quality in life with the vehicle?

Navigate optimally

Ideal for driving: car apps! © Pexels CCO Public Domain – Connect your car to your own cell phone and turn it into a hotspot: you can do this with Android Auto or Apple.

Many ways to optimize your car journey, such as automatic fuel saving, are already integrated into vehicles by the manufacturer. Others can be installed by clever hobby tuners themselves. The logical extension of the possibilities is to install apps on mobile devices. Well-known applications such as Google Maps or the Apple Maps map app help smartphone and tablet users to navigate offline for free. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to also take a look at other map apps. Good alternatives:

  • HereWeGo (including speed warning)
  • Waze (useful information thanks to connection to the community)
  • Magic Earth (more than 200 offline maps and high data protection)

Leisure fun during breaks

Anyone who travels long distances by car, often works on the vehicle in a private workshop or needs a break in between can simply use this JackpotPirates app To fall back on. The mobile game at JackpotPiraten is possible at any time and the entire range of games is available for use via smartphone or tablet. Anyone interested can also claim the new customer bonus. The website opens quickly on your cell phone using the simple shortcut on the home screen. No additional software is required to use the offer. Once registered, hundreds of games are immediately available, providing variety and thrills regardless of the operating system.

Simply fill up cheaper

Ideal for driving: car apps!

Modern vehicles already have a lot of technology on board. The parking aid is particularly practical and so is it The spacer in the car has great advantages. But in order for the mobile vehicle to get from A to B easily, it needs fuel. The prices at the gas stations differ significantly. Apps help you to always be in the picture. These usually show fuel prices, opening times and further information about the respective gas station. Recommended are:

  • (narrow search radius and option to report prices yourself)
  • Fuelio (Android) (calculates fuel consumption and acts as a kind of logbook)
  • Petrol price blitz (fuel price comparison in many European countries)
  • PACE Drive (Europe-wide, free and ad-free)
  • Gas Manager (iOS) (similar features to Fuelio)

However, if you're looking for a charging station for your electric car, it's best to go with:

  • PlugShare (crowd-based network to find charging stations worldwide)
  • EnBW mobility+ (covers almost all of Europe and offers 500.000 charging points)

Find toilet

Other apps help with daily needs, which can quickly become a problem, especially on longer journeys. Where is the nearest toilet and how long does it take to get to the quiet place? The following apps show it:

  • Toilet Scout (not free, but offers access to data from more than two million public toilets)
  • Toilet Finder (free alternative, significantly smaller selection)

In the end, every driver decides for themselves which apps are of real use to them. Because in addition to those already mentioned, there is a variety of other applications, which calculate fines, promise quick help in the event of a breakdown, make it easier to find a parking space or, thanks to the community, reliably detect speed cameras.

Ideal for driving: car apps!

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Ideal for driving: car apps! 

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Ideal for driving: car apps!
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