Precautions for riding an e-bike with children!

[Display] Despite the benefits and increasing popularity of e-bikes, there are understandable safety concerns. As a cyclist, road safety should of course be the top priority. E-bikes have made unrestricted mobility more affordable for people, including the elderly and children. With the e-bike, children can experience a wide variety of bike tours with their parents without having to worry about not being able to keep up. But the question is: how safe is an e-bike?

How safe is an e-bike?

Twelve-year-old Molly Steinsapir lost her life after suffering a severe brain injury in a bicycle accident in January 2021. Molly was reportedly on a bike with her XNUMX-year-old friend in Pacific Palisades, California, prior to the incident. Molly was sitting on the luggage rack when her friend lost control of the RoadRunner e-bike while trying to ride up a hill. Wearing a helmet, Molly's friend suffered only minor injuries. Unfortunately, Molly did not survive the accident.

As with other means of transport, unfortunate incidents can occur at any time with the e-bike. But fatal accidents can be avoided by following simple safety rules. Molly's tragic death is one of the few cases that show how riding an e-bike with children can go wrong without precautions. Below you will find safety precautions to protect the child on the bike.

Choose the right helmet

Wearing a mandatory helmet while riding an electric bike is one of the most important steps to ensure the safety of the rider and any fellow riders on the bike. The chosen helmet should fit the child's head properly to protect it from possible head injuries in the event of a fall. Children's helmets are light and have foam fillings. The right choice of helmet can decide the cyclist's fate in the event of a bicycle accident. Perhaps Molly's e-bike accident would have been less severe if she had worn a helmet designed specifically for kids on e-bikes.

Choose the right seat

Before choosing the right seat for your toddler, you should know that children younger than 12 months should not ride. Such a young child's neck is not yet strong enough to provide adequate neck support, primarily on rough roads. When you're confident your child is ready for the bike ride, you need to choose a seat that offers comfort and protection. Before purchasing, check the carrying capacity of the e-bike and the weight of the carrier and the child. This helps to avoid excessive weight on the e-bike. There are front, rear and middle seats for the kids. Test different versions and choose the one that offers your child the desired comfort and safety while driving.

Check the condition of the e-bike

Always keep your e-bike in technically perfect condition. This includes checking the condition of the bike before you take it for a spin. Check tire pressure, brakes and structural parts of the bike. Since e-bikes are heavier than conventional bicycles, you should always keep the tire pressure at the right level. A well-inflated tire makes cycling safer and easier. And checking the brakes is essential for accident-free driving. Always check the condition of the brakes before riding. You can do this by testing the brakes and removing any dirt or mud from the brake pads.

Especially if you are taking children with you, the brakes must be in perfect condition and function absolutely reliably. If you ride an e-bike with externally routed power cables, you should check them for water buildup or excessive wear to avoid electric shock. Kaye and Jonathan Steinsapir allege that the Seattle-based company's electric bikes have design flaws and are falsely marketed to children. Therefore, check every e-bike that you use for defects by doing a short test lap on a road that is as quiet as possible.

Check the engine

The presence of a motor is one of the main reasons why the number of people interested in e-bikes is increasing every day. It is recommended to check the motor for your safety, especially when riding uphill or with children. Driving in a safe area is a good way to determine if the electric motor is working properly. Molly's parents accused Rad Power Bikes of not properly warning them about the dangers of riding an e-bike with children.

learn to slow down

The saying “speed kills” not only applies to cars and motorcycles, but also to e-bikes. It is important to drive carefully. Because of the higher speeds you will be traveling at, you should learn to slow down or brake harder when approaching hazards or intersections. Installing a mirror on the e-bike is an effective way to know how quickly vehicles are approaching from behind.

Clothing for cycling!

You should check the clothing so that your child feels comfortable on the e-bike. In summer you should make sure that your clothes are a little lighter and that you bring sunscreen with you. Dressing appropriately for the journey specifically means wearing appropriate clothing. Avoid clothing that easily gets caught in the chain. The same applies to others with whom your child may share the bike. Expressed in a simple way: Do not ride with baggy clothing that can easily get caught in the e-bike. And painful abrasions can be avoided by wearing special cycling clothing and long pants. However, do not wear dark clothing when driving at night.

Practice before you drive

Before the child rides a bike with others, it's a good idea to practice. You can try it in an open area such as a parking lot. Adjust the speed as you would try on a public road. This gives the rider the opportunity to properly control the bike. This also applies to learning how to maneuver if necessary.

Adding lights and warning devices

You can install warning devices such as a small electric horn or a bell to make yourself heard by other road users, including pedestrians. The warning devices can serve as a preventive measure for possible collisions on the road. One of the precautions for riding with children is to make the cyclist visible on the road. You can install LED light for helmet, white front light and red rear light for night riding. Many e-bikes are also equipped with reflectors that warn other road users. If you're looking to buy an e-bike, make sure you buy a well-equipped bike like the Himiway Zebra or Cobra.


  • Now that you know the basics of driving with kids, it should be fun and safe for everyone. Sharing an e-bike with friends and family can be a great way to enjoy cycling. It is also a way to stimulate children's interest in a healthy and safe future. Choose the right protective gear from a trusted and reliable store like Himiway. Always remember to check the bike before you hit the road. Follow these precautions to keep your children safe.

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