A fully comprehensive insurance for the moped car? Not to get!

Why is it so difficult to get fully comprehensive insurance for a moped car? Strictly speaking, the 45 km/h runabouts call themselves yes Light vehicles! So far it has been almost impossible for light vehicle drivers to Comprehensive insurance to complete. Given the relatively high cost of such a vehicle, this is extremely annoying. The discussion has become particularly explosive after the minimum age for the AM driver's license was reduced to 15 years. Parents would of course like to get their children such a light vehicle, but are legitimately concerned about the risk of major damage without comprehensive insurance. And apart from a field trial started some time ago by a seller of light vehicles and an insurance company, so far too nothing yet result in something new!

Moped car, fully comprehensive, 15 years? Bad combo...

At the current time, we can say that there is NO real fully comprehensive insurance for light vehicles in combination with a driver who is under 23 years of age! There are occasionally a few insurance companies that offer fully comprehensive insurance for the moped car in the price range of €500 to around €600, but the driver of these insurance companies must not be under 23 years old. If the requirements are met, the vehicle will receive fully comprehensive insurance in combination with the typical small moped insurance number plate and you don't have to go to the registration office, the vehicle remains TÜV and tax-free and voluntary registration is also not necessary. However, the voluntary admission of older drivers with percentage points can make the policy a little cheaper. Here you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully.

Comprehensive insurance for the moped car and 15 years old?

In some cases, such a vehicle can cost well over €20.000 as a new vehicle. But taking out fully comprehensive insurance for mopeds is still possible not provided. Because there are currently (as of 01.2023) in Germany save Insurance that offers fully comprehensive insurance for mopeds, mopeds, mopeds or scooters in addition to partial comprehensive insurance. So you cause one Schaden on your own vehicle, then there is at the moment no possibility of hedging. Unfortunately, this also applies if malicious actions (vandalism) are carried out on the moped car.

Why is there no fully comprehensive insurance?

Because it was decided that mopeds, mopeds, scooters, light motor vehicles and mopeds with a Partial insurance usually adequately secured are. For these vehicles, the motor vehicle insurance has provided neither no-claims classes and discounts nor a downgrading in the event of damage. This is the reason why comprehensive insurance cannot be offered. However, damage events such as theft or natural hazards can be covered by partially comprehensive insurance.

Information about moped insurance

  • Motor vehicle liability insurance: applies to personal injury and damage to property caused by the vehicle.
  • Partial coverage insurance: applies to damage to your own vehicle, such as glass damage, theft, fire.
  • Electro Kasko: Damage to the battery in electric vehicles (consequential damage from a short circuit in the battery, etc.)
  • Period of validity: from March 01st to the end of February (February 28th or 29.2th) of the following year. However, the insurance cover can be changed as of 01.03. or at a later point in time in the insurance year. The insurance premium is reduced accordingly.
  • Renewal: the contract cannot be renewed automatically. You need a new moped license plate every year.
  • Motor vehicle liability insurance costs: varies depending on insurance and starts from around €45
  • Costs for partial vehicle insurance: varies depending on insurance and starts from around €80
  • Costs of partially comprehensive motor vehicle insurance + e-casco: varies depending on insurance and starts from around €90
Example based on the ADAC moped insurance:
insurance type
Automobile liability Liability + partial insurance Liability + partial insurance + electric
Liability insurance
insurance positive positive positive


Personal injury positive positive positive
environmental damage coverage positive positive positive
own damage coverage positive positive positive
Mallorca Police positive positive positive
Partial insurance
Fire, Lightning & Explosion negative positive positive
Theft including lock replacement costs negative positive positive
elemental damage and natural disasters negative positive positive
Ferry trips (general average) negative positive positive
Broken glass negative positive positive
Collisions with animals of all kinds negative positive positive
Short circuit plus consequential damage negative positive positive
animal bite damage negative positive positive
New/purchase price compensation negative 24 months 24 months
Services of Elektro Kasko
Consequential damage to the battery caused by animal bites and short circuits negative negative positive
Theft and animal bite damage to the charging cable negative negative positive
Surge damage during thunderstorms negative negative positive
Battery health diagnostics negative negative positive
Costs for water containers in the event of impending ignition negative negative positive
Special Vehicle Storage Charges negative negative positive
Source: ADAC

Which vehicles can be insured with moped insurance?

  • 4-wheel light vehicles – microcar/light quad (up to 45 km/h – max. 350 kg)
  • Moped up to 45 km/h
  • E-Bike up to 45 km/h
  • Small electric vehicle (e.g. e-scooter)
  • motorized ambulance
  • 3-wheel moped (up to 45 km/h)
  • Pedelec up to 45 km/h
  • Mopeds up to 25 km/h
  • Lightweight moped up to 20 km/h
  • Stand-up Mobile (Segway)

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