In a nutshell: e-bike tuning is very trendy!

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The market is booming and the number of households that have an e-bike has increased since 2015 multiplied. Users often want to avoid physical exertion or simply save time on their everyday journeys. And attention is also paid to the ecological advantages. However, the statutory speed limit is at 25 km / h. And this limitation is particularly common through the use of Tuning sets bypassed. Reputable bicycle dealers generally advise against e-bike tuning. Failure to do so is a violation of the law, which means that warranty claims on the drive and often also insurance claims are no longer valid. Even accidents that are not your fault can cause trouble. Nevertheless, for the relatively simple manipulations, some of which you can even do yourself, there are always inexpensive offers. There are usually only costs in the amount of 200 to 300 € which are of course extremely low compared to the retail price.

Motor support allowed up to a maximum of 25 km/h

The engine of a standard e-bike is factory set from 25 km / h the electric support on. But this limitation is primarily for ambitious e-bikers, a nuisance and a fun brake. With a tuned e-bike, on the other hand, you can partly up to 60 km/h and more be reached. Depending on the bike, the tuning ensures that the electric motor helps up to at least 45 km/h. At the classic Chip Tuning the speed of the magnetic sensor is transmitted to the bicycle speedometer using a chip manipulated and reduced to a third. This results in a possible speed of 75 kilometers per hour.

Another option is tuning with Tuning boxes. To do this, the speed sensor has to be dismantled and connected to the tuning box. Often the chain guard, the mudguard and the gear wheel bracket also have to be unscrewed. It can thus be reached up to 50 km / h. But the tuning works negative on the service life and battery consumption. Due to the shortened battery life and the associated shorter runtime, this is often compensated for a second battery appropriate. There is plenty of information and tips on the methods available on the Internet. And the material can easily be ordered online and almost always installed by yourself. By the way, tuning as such is not illegal, as long as the bike is only used on private property.

No center of gravity checks

There are very few center of gravity controls for e-bike tuning. But of course there is always the possibility of getting caught. Depending on the type of change, the facts can even Driving without a license be. There is then a risk of a fine of up to €5.000, points in Flensburg or imprisonment of up to one year. Safety is not guaranteed with tuned e-bikes and the additional loads also increase wear. The brakes are also not suitable for the higher speeds. Alternatively, by the way, a S-pedelec be ridden instead of an e-bike. With this, the engine is only switched off from 45 km/h. However, it counts as a moped. In contrast to the e-bike, the driver needs at least a class AM driver's license, helmets are also compulsory and insurance (with license plate) is also compulsory.

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