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Cylinder head machining Tuning Tuning only by the expert edit the cylinder head

Experts advise not to a motor tuning without the Zylinerkopf worked on. In order to be able to evaluate this recommendation, one must know the processes. The gas-air mixture is accelerated in the rack to a mean speed of about 100-120 m / s when the inlet valve opens. If the gas-air mixture is accelerated to a higher speed, the power is reduced. Because the small valves and ducts of standard engines or cylinder heads are not designed for it. So to achieve a higher performance, you have to increase the filling of the cylinder head in the upper rpm range. How to achieve this? By enlarging the channels and valves.

edit with hand or CNC machine?

Cylinder Head Tuning e1560423461610 Tuning only by the expert to edit the cylinder head

When tuning cylinder heads it is important to have a lot of experience. High quality work, materials and workmanship should be given special emphasis here. There are usually two methods of machining a cylinder head available: either quite classic with the hand or medium CNC milling machine. The CNC machining is used more often and is especially with large tuners almost the rule. However, smaller companies often can not afford the expensive machines and therefore use their hand. There are several stages in cylinder head machining. Thinner valve stems, larger valves and / or conversion for a mechanical valve train. If you want to install tuning cylinder heads, you should at least replace the exhaust valves with more stable, because the standard valves are not very resistant to high temperatures and high pressures. You can recommend here Supertech Inconel or Schrick Nimonic Exhaust valves. But as always, there is a wide range here.

Machining the cylinder head Tuning 3 e1560405426559 Tuning Only the expert will handle the cylinder head

essentially the work steps (the process):

  1. Clean and disassemble
  2. Spindle up seat rings
  3. Milling the channels
  4. Smooth the channels
  5. Cut seat rings
  6. Edit valves
  7. Cylinder head rays
  8. Cylinder head plan
  9. assembly

countless providers with different services

A very renowned supplier of cylinder head machining is Integrated Engineering based in the US. Independent tests have shown that the cylinder heads of Integrated Engineering were very good. Especially in terms of effectiveness. The company has invested enormous time and money in research and development to optimize the process. The result of the effort was the patenting of the so-called LiftMax process. The process enables a very good cylinder filling even with a low cam stroke. A German dealer that sells these special tuning cylinder heads is Bar-Tek, which offers cylinder heads from Integrated Engineering for the 1.8T 20V and 2.0 TFSI engines. Both variants have inputs and outputs, which have been CNC milled. In the cylinder heads offered, the valve seats and transitions were processed using the LiftMAX process, the oil passages were cleaned in a special process and new integrated valve guides were created. The cylinder head can also be equipped with valves directly. Bamotec is another supplier that works with a Super Flow cylinder head floating bench. Incidentally, the company also offers workshops in this area. Furthermore, there are SLS tuning, Tech Tip or Harpel Motorsport offering a cylinder head machining. There are many companies that offer machining of cylinder heads.

Cylinder head tuning only from the professional

Machining the cylinder head Tuning 4 Tuning Only the specialist will work on the cylinder head

The basis for an optimal performance increase is and remains the perfect cylinder head. If more than just a plastic box is planned to increase performance, the actual tuning work should begin on the cylinder head. There are many measures to increase performance at the cylinder head. For example, this also applies to improved ones Hydraulic tappet or milled Valve seats etc. But not everyone is able to professionally expand or smooth the channels for better filling. If the combustion chambers on a cylinder head are to be redesigned and the compression ratio is to be higher, a professional must do it. During this turn, he will always subject the valves and valve seats to fine machining. If the company offers exactly that, success is almost always guaranteed. We hope that the info report on the term Machining the cylinder head (sometimes called Flowen or Porten) from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this encyclopedia and how far we are already can you HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. Incidentally, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

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