Retrofit an attention assistant? Possible!

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Retrofit Attention Assistant Fatigue Alert 3 Retrofit an Attention Assistant? Possible!

Fatigue on longer journeys is not uncommon and can quickly become dangerous. Many accidents are caused by microsleep at the wheel - especially during long car journeys and at night. Studies show that almost half of all night-time accidents are due to fatigue at the wheel. So-called drowsiness warnings / drowsiness detection notice when the driver is in danger of falling into a microsleep and give him signals in good time.

Anti-sleep system for retrofitting?

Attention Assistant Retrofit Fatigue Warning Retrofit an Attention Assistant? Possible!

Many newer cars already have the technology of a sleep timer or can at least optionally be equipped with it via the surcharge list. The vehicle class does not matter here. Starting with the small car up to the luxury liner, almost every vehicle with such a system can be ordered today via the surcharge list. Older vehicles and often also small or very small cars from non-premium manufacturers like to forego the technology, which is why retrofitting can be considered. But is technical retrofitting even possible? Basically YES! Assistance systems can be retrofitted. This doesn't just apply to Reversing Cameras or parking sensors, but also for fatigue detection. In the case of permanently installed systems and especially complex electronics, such as those generally found in modern vehicles, self-installation should be avoided and a specialist should be used. And here it is recommended to use the factory system (if available) and not to a third party.

What types of retrofit are there?

We first differentiate between internal and external warning systems. Internal means that they are linked to the car's power supply, while external systems are operated otherwise. Example of a internal The early warning system for sleep in seconds is an interior camera that detects severe tiredness in the driver and emits signal tones as soon as a sleep appears to be imminent. In addition to a separate camera, there is only one for fatigue detection Navigation systems integrated in the rearview mirror and have integrated the fatigue detection system immediately. The same applies to Dash- or Crash cams. Some of them are also multifunctional. And external Devices are available, for example, in the form of battery-operated rings, attachments for the ears or attachments for the glasses, which use various impulses of vibration, sound and / or light to alert the driver to the impending second sleep. However, the latter variant is often inadequate in its function and visually unsuccessful. For the price of just a few euros (sometimes under 20 euros) you shouldn't really expect a reliable device.

Legal concerns about retrofitting the fatigue warning?

According to EU law, a warning system against fatigue is not mandatory even in new cars. Retrofitting is interesting for frequent drivers who drive long distances or people who are often on the road at a later time. Such a fatigue warning is also a useful function for people who are affected by narcolepsy, but who are still allowed to drive their vehicle according to a medical certificate. The debate over whether fatigue detection becomes a mandatory system has been going on for several years. Until further notice, warning systems against fatigue can and may be retrofitted. They are not compulsory! The installation of internal systems that are related to the electrical system of the vehicle and maybe even work via the on-board system of the car (factory system), however, should be retrofitted and configured by a specialist.

Conclusion on the retrofittable sleep monitor

Especially frequent travelers, but also vacationers who travel long distances (even overnight) should think about a fatigue assistant / fatigue detection. Inexpensive external devices are available for relatively little money (sometimes under 20 euros) but are not really recommended and more likely to rip you off. Frequent drivers should think about installing a fixed warning system, if available, directly from the manufacturer or a system from a well-known third-party provider. This is where prices start from around € 150 and good devices with other functions like one Lane change assistant, GPS or navigation systems usually start at 700 euros. Such equipment can be very helpful so that you can safely reach your destination after many kilometers or during the night drive. But it is by no means a substitute for a break or an hour's sleep.

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Attention Assistant Fatigue Warning Retrofit Kit 4 Retrofitting an Attention Assistant? Possible!

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