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Engine swap planned? Then a subframe is required!

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Subframe subframe engine mount e1574662194635 Motor swap planned? Then a subframe is required!

You want your car by means of Motorswap provided with a stronger engine? Tuning also requires the conversion of the frame? Then an individual subframe, also called engine mounts, is interesting for you. The subframe is very popular in the tuning scene and is often used to allow a vehicle to use a more powerful engine at all. Below is discussed in more detail on the subframe or more precisely the engine mount.

Subframe for a stronger engine

HPA FTX 700 planned VW Beetle tuning 1 engine swap? Then a subframe is required!

In the tuning range, it is not uncommon to install a more powerful engine in a vehicle. However, the factory frame is not always designed for the new performance of the planned engine. To be able to use the engine nevertheless, subframe or engine carrier are installed in the car. The engine mounts of the tuning scene are not to be confused with the factory variants. In the tuning scene, for example, subframes made of more powerful vehicles are installed in the car to be tuned. An example is the HPA Tuning Beetle, For example, it is equipped with a subframe from the Audi TT RS.

Subframe - what should you watch out for when tuning?

When tuning should be taken to ensure that the subframe fits from another vehicle in your car, or at least can be adjusted accordingly. A professional tuning workshop can help you with this problem and recommend a strong subframe that fits. You should also do the conversion directly in a tuning workshop. The professionals continue to help and understand your craft. On the Internet you will find a good selection of workshops that specialize in this tuning form. Because a motor swap is an extremely complex project.

Engine tuning with subframe change

HPA FTX 700 planned VW Beetle tuning 12 engine swap? Then a subframe is required!

When tuning the engine should be taken to ensure that the operating permit, in short ABE, the car does not go out. Especially when a complete engine change is pending and a more powerful engine is installed, tests and entries must be made. Basically, the operating license is extinguished after such a conversion once. TÜV and ASU must be made new and the vehicle must undergo a complex acceptance. Which further legal requirement for the installation of a vehicle-type foreign subframe must be made, that should be clarified beforehand. Tuning workshops, which work in the area, can inform you about the legal aspects however often directly.

At the end... An increase in performance does not always have to be through one Chiptuning respectively. It goes on too! In the tuning range, it also happens that the engine is replaced and a more powerful example is installed. But a powerful engine is not the only thing that leads to the conversion of the vehicle. If the car is not designed for the new performance, then the installation of a subframe may be necessary. The subframe can be taken from a vehicle model that provides the desired performance. It is advisable to consult a professional workshop for the subframe search and conversion. You should work with professionals who understand your craft and also know the legal side regarding eligibility.

PS:  So that engine Swap can be done safely, you need a good motor stand. more information is available here! And iOnce the conversion has been carried out, an acceptance test must be carried out in order to legally participate in road traffic. And the insurance company must also be informed about the engine replacement. If this does not happen, the Service reduced or completely refused .

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1974 mercedes 240d 2jz swap tuning 5 engine swap planned? Then a subframe is required!
An old 1974 Mercedes 240d with 2jz heart from the Toyota Supra

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Tailgate tail panel tail light tape 5 310x165 engine swap planned? Then a subframe is required!

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Kneepad Knee pad Knee pad Auto2 310x165 Motorswap planned? Then a subframe is required!

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Saccobrett T% C3% BCboard T% C3% BCrack 3 e1574660609902 310x165 Motorswap planned? Then a subframe is required!

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LINE X Jeep Gladiator Half% C3% BCren SEMA Zero to 60 Designs Tuning 5 310x165 Motorswap planned? Then a subframe is required!

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T% C3% BCrpin Fairing Cover T% C3% BCrstick 4 310x165 Motorswap planned? Then a subframe is required!

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Lifting bag Balloon jack Pressure pad e1574657610901 310x165 Motorswap planned? Then a subframe is required!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Motorswap planned? Then a subframe is required!

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