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More individuality with a new front grill emblem

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More individuality with a new front grill emblem

Car brands are always perfectly identifiable thanks to the easily visible brand names - the trademarks have a very high recognition value and are often very noticeable in their visual design. In addition, they are, especially in luxury brands, a significant status symbol. Therefore, one or the other may wish to have their vehicle branded with another (rather higher quality) Manufacturer or simply carry your own symbol for a walk. this can have an optical added value and be a real eye-catcher.

Laugh or eye-catcher?

Who wouldn't like to have the Ferrari or Porsche lettering on their vehicle? Changing the entire grille with the grille emblem can also add value. But you shouldn't forget that you can also make a mockery of yourself with it! Then it is better to use the option of a different customization. Namely, design and assemble your own emblem (see link below). Those who have the artistic and technical talent can achieve a great recognition effect. Custom-made products are also conceivable in this context.

Is it allowed to change the brand emblem on the car?

More individuality with a new front grill emblem

In principle, changing the brand emblem on the car is permitted for the private sector. However, for certain brands there may be the effect that a very eye-catching emblem may represent a “work of art” and not a brand name - this could be the case, for example, with the very well-known and eye-catching hood ornament from Rolls-Royce. It is therefore not advisable to mount such a figure on other vehicles, as this figure falls under copyright law as a “work of art”. In the case of other emblems, it is permitted as long as the vehicle is not to be sold under a false brand name.

For example, a Polo with a Mercedes star may not be sold as a Mercedes. The trademark law regulates such projects, as mentioned above, but only for the private sector. "In commercial transactions" - according to the wording of the law - the regulation does not apply, so that the said Polo with the Mercedes star, which is to be sold as a Mercedes, would then be a trademark infringement and thus a criminal offence. If a vehicle modified in this way is sold, this change must be declared accordingly. This also applies to custom-made products. And also the topic "illuminated logo' should be addressed here. However, the topic is so extensive that we have published the article "Retrofitting a luminous logo on the front / rear? Hardly possible legally!“ have written.

Does the change offer added value?

More individuality with a new front grill emblem

Before changing the brand emblem, you should ask yourself whether this represents a clear added value or just a "worsening improvement" on the car. It might look cool, but you might be making yourself look ridiculous if you put a Ferrari logo / badge on a normal vehicle. With the necessary self-irony, it can be a funny thing, but it will probably attract negative attention among vehicle connoisseurs. Therefore, such a project should always be weighed carefully. The individualization is of course an essential aspect, because this is what most tuning measures are about, such as a self-designed cooler logo with an individual lettering (e.g. initials of the driver etc.) can be extremely conspicuous and thus more than fulfills its function.

"Aha" and "HaHa" are close together

More individuality with a new front grill emblem

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More individuality with a new front grill emblem

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More individuality with a new front grill emblem

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More individuality with a new front grill emblem

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