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Steering wheel claw parking claw pedal lock tuning e1571371324211 protection against theft the manual immobilizer

Countless cars are stolen every day in Germany. In the year 2017 according to the GDV 17.493 vehicles were stolen in Germany. But not only cars, but also on campers, motorcycles and e-bikes, the thieves have it. For example, 1000 campers were stolen from 21,4 campers according to HUK Coburg. If you put a lot of love and time in the tuning of your own vehicle, you may also be afraid that it can be stolen. In addition to the electronically installed system in the vehicle, there are also classic manual immobilisers, also called steering wheel claws or tire claws. But how well steering wheel claws really protect the vehicle from theft. Above all, steering wheel claws under 100 Euro are also sufficient to protect the vehicle sufficiently against theft. Steering wheel locks are not only intended to deter visually by the gaudy color, but also have secure locks and are made of sturdy material that make it difficult for thieves make even impossible to steal a vehicle in a small time window.

mostly quick and easy to assemble

Steering wheel claw parking claw pedal lock tuning 2 e1571371381685 protection against theft the manual immobilizer

The selection of steering wheel locks is very large. In part, there are also many under 100 Euro. The manual steering wheel locks are characterized above all by the simple handling and their robustness. The steering wheel aids are mounted in seconds and prevent turning the steering wheel. As a result, driving and maneuvering the vehicle is not possible. Due to the higher interior width of motorhomes, turning the steering wheel in motorhomes is not as limited as in a car. Heyner, for example, offers a steering wheel lock with a combination lock, which is very easy to operate. The combination lock is, for example, five digits. Of course, it should be avoided that the number combination is easy to guess. The type plate of the vehicle or the model name and the date of birth of the vehicle owner should therefore rather not be selected. Furthermore, the keys of the steering wheel lock should not be stored together with the vehicle keys. The locks were put through their paces by key experts against Dietrich and special tools. But tools such as screwdrivers and pliers were also used to test safety.

always pay attention to high quality products

Steering wheel claw parking claw pedal lock tuning 3 protection against theft the manual immobilizer

small metal and All Ride offer crossbar locks, which are very difficult to influence and only with special tools. The key expert also manages to manipulate the Tubular lock by the manufacturer Saxon only with special tools. Cartrend offers an arcuate manual immobilizer, which can not be cracked even with conventional tools. But there are also steering wheel locks in the market, for example, the model Alca, HP car accessories and Street Wize, which are often cracked in less than two minutes. Leverage and violence also led to success in a test with Alca and Saxon. A high value have the steering wheel locks of small metal and Heyner, And also the steering wheel lock from Cartrend offers for 30 Euro a very high safety as well as a very high quality.

Other alternatives for theft protection

Steering wheel claw parking claw pedal lock tuning 4 e1571371634585 protection against theft the manual immobilizer

  • Radkralle: There are also latches for the rims available. They are attached directly to the bike and also gladly used by authorities. They are an alternative or a supplement to the steering wheel locks.
  • Pedal Lock: There are also latches for the pedals available, which can be used either as an alternative or even as a supplement to the steering wheel locks.
  • Brake knob lock: It connects the shift lever or the selector lever with a manual handbrake lever. Both can not be used anymore.
  • Brake pedal Clamp: For most cars with manual transmission. The system also blocks the pedals (brake and clutch).
  • Lockout: Often dependent and specific to a particular vehicle type. Prevents shifting around vehicle.

the possibilities are manifold, the protection often good

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retroreflective self-luminous license plate tuning 3 310x165 protection against theft the manual immobilizer

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