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The horseshoe on the grille! That means it!

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Horseshoe horse head radiator grill Auto Tuning e1607431686738 The horseshoe on the radiator grille! That means it!

Who ever has a vehicle with you in traffic horseshoe met on the grille, you will wonder what that means. A horseshoe, in the right position, usually has something to do with that Happiness theme to do. Whether this is also the case with the vehicle and what should be considered when “hanging” the horseshoe is explained in more detail below.

Lease happiness? Attach horseshoes!

Horseshoe Horse Head Radiator Grill Auto Tuning 3 The horseshoe on the radiator grille! That means it!

Who doesn't want to be lucky on the road? Most want to lease happiness for themselves and there are quite a few people who try it with symbols at home or in the vehicle. The horseshoe has always been one of the Lucky symbols and is supposed to catch happiness if it is attached the right way round. If you already have a horseshoe on the wall at home, you will probably have hung it with the open area facing up. After all, happiness should be captured. The horseshoe should therefore not down open attached. The direction of attachment is of course also preferred on the vehicle. A horseshoe will usually on the grille of the vehicle attached.

Attach the horseshoe to the grille

Horseshoe Horse Head Radiator Grill Auto Tuning 4 The horseshoe on the radiator grille! That means it!

Horseshoes for the vehicle are available in various versions and can mostly be attached to the car's grille. Interested parties who want a horseshoe can, for example, buy a variant with a horse's head in a shiny metal look. When purchasing the horseshoe for the vehicle, care should be taken to ensure that the mounting options im What's in the box are included. Screws are usually available to attach the item to the grille. Furthermore, the horseshoe should not be too big and match the grille. By fixing the horseshoe on the vehicle exterior, the article is the Natural elements exposed. The horseshoe should therefore not weather quickly. For example, variants are available in stores Zinc casting available. If you want to purchase such a product, you should choose chrome-plated or otherwise refined horseshoe respect, think highly of.

What sizes are available?

The horseshoes for the vehicle are, for example, 12 cm wide and 12 cm high. Due to the dimensions mentioned, the horseshoe is clearly visible on the radiator grille, but not too big at the same time. Of course there are also smaller and larger horseshoes. Variants with Chrome look come into their own and become an eye-catcher in the front of the vehicle. Who doesn't have a horseshoe Screw wishes on the grille, that can bring happiness to the vehicle in another way. Adhesive films for the car are another possibility to depict a horseshoe on the vehicle. Also adhesive variants for the interior of the car can be used in the vehicle. PS: There are also some interesting lucky charms in Russia. There is more about this in our report "Superstition in Russia: the rituals of motorists!".

Horseshoe horse head radiator grill Auto Tuning e1607431686738 The horseshoe on the radiator grille! That means it!

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Horseshoe Horse Head Grille Bumper Sticker The horseshoe on the grille! That means it!

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Clip ashtray ashtray ember trap 5 310x165 The horseshoe on the grille! That means it!

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1993 Toyota Supra Mk IV Widebody 2JZ GE Turbo Tuning Header 310x165 The horseshoe on the grille! That means it!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 The horseshoe on the grille! That means it!

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