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What does a plastic freshener actually do for the car?

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Plastic freshener preparation Teifenpfleger Cleaner 8 What does a plastic freshener actually do for the car?

Unpainted plastic parts on the bodies of old-timers and new cars are bleached out by strong sunlight, which sometimes affects the appearance considerably and it also reduces the resale value. This is especially the case with older vehicles. Plastic parts that were originally black are light gray or even white after strong UV radiation. Many then resort to home remedies such as Salad oil or black shoe polish, but they are no permanent solutions. Plastic fresheners, on the other hand, should - according to the manufacturer's advertising promise - make the car look like new. But can the funds really help the vehicle to regain its shine? If the plastic parts on the vehicle have faded, consider buying one Plastic care products There are a few things to consider so that the refreshing doesn't turn out to be a disaster.

What are plastic fresheners?

Plastic freshener preparation Teifenpfleger Cleaner What does a plastic freshener actually do for the car?

Plastic fresheners are designed to make the faded plastic parts on your car look like new again. Depending on the manufacturer, they are available as pastethat resembles a shoe polish than Gel or as Olive oil. Some retailers supply utensils such as brushes, sponges or cloths and a pair of gloves should also be included.

There is one thing to consider when buying

Plastic freshener preparation Teifenpfleger Cleaner 2 What does a plastic freshener actually do for the car?

When choosing the right restorer for your car, you should consider the following points:

  • silicones

    Silicone-free products are of the highest quality and last longer. Silicon-based plastic fresheners give your car a shiny finish, which while touching up some plastic parts looks good at first, more durable and less so superficial but are the means that no silicone included.

  • Where should the plastic freshener be used?

    Some products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with other restorers only the outer plastic parts can be treated. There are products that are also used for tires, rubber seals and leather seats; others are only suitable for restoring hard plastics.

  • It should be easy to use

    Anyone who buys a plastic freshener should go for one simple application respect, think highly of. Some manufacturers offer their product together with the necessary utensils such as a sponge or cloth. This is an indication that the manufacturer has thought about the correct application.

Plastic freshener preparation Teifenpfleger Reiniger 3 e1632481770690 What does a plastic freshener actually do for the car?

Before deciding on a restorer, you should compare several products. Customer Reviews on the net can provide information about the experiences of others with the plastic freshener, among other things.

The right application

  • Mask off the areas around the plastic parts.
  • Clean the plastics well so that contamination doesn't ruin the result.
  • First test the plastic freshener on an inconspicuous area.
  • Apply the restorer with a brush, sponge or cloth depending on the instructions.
  • Leave the product on for ten to fifteen minutes. (may vary depending on the manufacturer)
  • Remove any excess plastic freshener with an absorbent cloth.
  • If necessary, repeat the process until the result is satisfactory.
  • If more gloss is desired, the surface can be polished with gloss wax. However, it must be ensured that the wax does not contain any abrasives. In addition, this polishing should only be done on smooth surfaces and should not on structured plastic.

burning cloth fire e1632481956176 What does a plastic freshener actually do for the car?

Attention! Cloths or sponges that were used for application can even catch fire, depending on the product, and must not be used afterwards! This is possible, for example, with plastic fresheners as Olive oil to be delivered. Less with pastes or a gel.

What result should the plastic freshener achieve?

After treatment with a plastic freshener, the plastic part should look deep black again and thus look like new, without appearing oily or obtrusively shiny. A satin gloss, on the other hand, is okay and can usually also be seen ex works. Another tip: In the following video, STEINEL shows a possibility of using a hot air blower to create plastic surfaces, for example on the aprons at the front and back refresh. What you should pay attention to is explained in the application video.

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Plastic freshener preparation Teifenpfleger Cleaner 4 What does a plastic freshener actually do for the car?

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