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Perfect grip - Spike tires for the car in winter!

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Spike Tire Tire Spikes Winter Tire Tuning e1572417806830 Perfect grip spike tire for the car in winter!

Spike tires offer a very good grip on a thick layer of snow and on ice. However, the tires in Germany since the mid-1970er years verboten, Only special emergency vehicles may use these tires. And in a certain area of ​​Germany, from Lofer to Bad Reichenhall and 15 km on the edge of the Austrian border, the Spike tires allowed, The reason given for the ban is that the spike tires damage the road. In addition, spike tires hollow out ruts, especially on motorways. So it can then come in wet quickly to dangerous aquaplaning. On dry roads, spike tires also have a poor grip due to the small footprint. The rolling noise of the tires are very loud and disturbing.

Where are spike tires for cars allowed?

Spike Tire Tire Tire Winter Tire Tuning 4 Perfect grip spike tire for the car in winter!

In the Alpine countries, there are other regulations when it comes to the use of safe spike tires. In Austria, for example, spike tires may be used on country roads up to a speed of 80 km / h from October to May in order to have sufficient and safe grip on the road. Even on motorways the spike tires may be used there. However, only up to a maximum speed of 100 km / h. In Switzerland, the spike tires may be used up to a speed of 80 km / h on country roads from November to April. On highways, the spike tires are banned in Switzerland. When using spike tires, the maximum speed of the vehicle must be indicated by a sticker on the rear of the vehicle.

What are spike tires for?

Spike Tire Tire Tire Winter Tire Tuning 5 Perfect grip spike tire for the car in winter!

Spike tires are winter tires with small metal inserts on the treads. The spikes are specially incorporated in the profile of the tires. The nail pins allow a good grip even on icy roads. They are not quite as effective as snow chainsbut much better than normal winter bikes. The special thing about the spike tire is that during assembly either all tires have spikes or spike tires have to be dispensed with. For example, it is not allowed to mount spike tires only on the front axle or only on the rear axle. The small steel pins in the tire profile protrude about two millimeters out of the tread. However, this is enough to get a good grip on a snow or ice covered area while driving. This comes after the current law in particular drivers in the Alps very good, otherwise they do not have sufficient grip when driving.

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mobile CB radio% C3% A4t radio talker% C3% A4t tuning car 5 310x165 Perfect grip spike tire for the car in winter!

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Particle Filter DPF Diesel Filter Tuning 2 e1572350751373 310x165 Perfect grip spike tire for the car in winter!

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R% C3% BCckstrahler Cat Eye Reflex Strip Tuning e1572416113417 310x165 Perfect grip spike tire for the car in winter!

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12 Volt Wiring Accessory Tuning Accessories C3% B6r e1572337625999 310x165 Perfect grip spike tire for the car in winter!

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Pedalverl% C3% A4ngerung Pedalsh% C3% B6hung Tuning 310x165 Perfect grip spike tire for the car in winter!

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Injection% C3% BCsen Injector Tuning Injector e1572414649412 310x165 Perfect grip spike tire for the car in winter!

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  1. Spikes only help on firm ground (usually ice or an ice-like surface such as heavily compressed snow after a wheel has spun).

    On a rather soft surface such as snow (loose or slightly stuck) they have little / no effect and it depends much more on the profile, mixture, lamellae, i.e. grip of the tire rubber itself.

    Knapp: If the spike cannot “bite into” a surface, it won't help. If a solid (not asphalt, gravel, ...) surface comes into play, the party can start ... 😉

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