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More power? Then install a sports or racing clutch!

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Sport Clutch Race Clutch Racing Clutch Tuning More Power? Then install sports or racing clutch!

If you want to increase the engine performance of your car in the area of ​​tuning, you will quickly receive offers for a sports or racing clutch. Another common name is the term racing clutch. The result is simply a “better” clutch that can handle an increase in the car's performance. But can you simply replace the clutch on your own car and what do you have to consider? Which replacement couplings are popular and recommendable? We explain it.

What types of coupling are there?

Sport Clutch Race Clutch Racing Clutch Tuning 2 More Power? Then install sports or racing clutch!

First of all, a distinction is made between two areas: the detachable and the non-detachable couplings. The releasable coupling is most often used because it can be easily solved and replaced if necessary. It sits between the engine and the manual gearbox and allows you to change gears and start the vehicle. When changing gear stages (also called “corridors”), the torque transmission is interrupted so that the appropriate gear can engage, which is done in modern gearboxes with the help of synchronizer rings. There are special types of releasable coupling. The centrifugal clutch, which causes an automatic release when exceeding or falling below a certain speed, the slip clutch, which interrupts the frictional connection when the engine is overloaded, and the overrunning clutch, which leads to independent disconnection when the direction of rotation and torque is reversed. The so-called slip clutch is considered particularly safe in motorsport, as it protects the engine and thus makes the car more durable. Well-known providers would be here abp-drive and rectus.

Sport Clutch Race Clutch Racing Clutch Tuning 3 More Power? Then install sports or racing clutch!

The non-detachable couplings are torsionally connected by gearing to the transmission input shaft, so additional compression springs must be installed, which absorb torque and rotational speed shocks. If these compression springs are not installed, the clutch is prohibited because the risk of accidents would increase exponentially. In this area, the gear coupling is the most widespread, as it snaps into place and thus ensures greater safety. Well-known providers are R + W coupling and SG transmission.

What functions can be provided with a reinforced coupling and what has to be considered?

If you want the installation of a reinforced clutch, but you must first note that your vehicle must also be listed for a sports clutch. In some cases, no approval can be obtained later, so it makes sense to include this option, for example to have checked. If your vehicle is listed or the approval is obtained, nothing stands in the way of your wish. Meanwhile, there are for many car brands retrofittable sport clutches, which can usually be installed quickly and allow up to 30% more power transmission. In most cases, this is then a self-adjusting clutch that receives an individual organic clutch lining so that the safety is guaranteed and the performance of the engine can be optimally utilized. Well-known brands are ABW Race and Sachs, The advantages are obvious, because the power of the engine is optimally exhausted and thus enables faster driving. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that the engine is thus more heavily used and often a regulatory approval must be obtained.

Sport Clutch Race Clutch Racing Clutch Tuning 4 More Power? Then install sports or racing clutch!

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