What does the term STANCE | WORKS mean in the tuning scene?

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STANCE WORKS Stanceworks Tuning What does the term STANCE | WORKS mean in the tuning scene?

The position or posture as the term stance in the tuning area refers to lowered vehicles. STANCE | WORKS or "Stance Works" is a blog that deals with deeper (modified) Vehicles. So exactly what we do from tuning blog! Lowered cars are often given negative adjectives such as chubby or lost in taste. Depending on the individual tuning, the cars can also look accordingly and have nothing noble or as real Tuning Fail be valid. The blog Stance Works has set itself the task of presenting lowered vehicles positively and staging them with beautiful pictures for tuning connoisseurs.

Stanceworks - tuning vehicles

The blog Stance Works presents stance vehicles with particularly high quality recordings. The photos are made as in a quality tuning magazine and are intended for enthusiastic tuning. The vehicles that are staged are lowered cars for real connoisseurs, such as a VW Jetta from the last century, a McLaren F1 or a rather unknown Toyota AE86 from the eighties. The cars are selected in a stylish and qualitative way. In addition to older vehicles, such as a modified Mercedes from the 1960s, modern Porsche sports cars can also be shown at Stance Works. Beetles and trucks can also be found on the Stance Works Blog and are presented in a stylish and glossy way. Stance Works knows no brand hatred and deals with ALL vehicle brands and types.

Stanceworks - a blog for the "whole world"

Stanceworks VW Jetta Tuning What does the term STANCE | WORKS mean in the tuning scene?

Stance Works was created by Mike Burroughs founded. Stance Works is not about ideals of beauty, but about portraying lowered vehicles in a high-quality style. It should not be a lavish image, but an image to enjoy. The vehicle depicted at Stance Works must please the founder. He must have the need to share the sight of the lowered vehicle with the world. The one pictured VW Jetta was purchased, for example, lowered and then rebuilt again by the owner. The founder of Stance Works also liked the Vestatec rims and the wooden gear knob of the vehicle. The coat of arms of the city of Wolfsburg is on the wooden knob of the Jetta gear lever. If the Jetta is considered a bland vehicle, the owner has given the VW individuality. The tuned VW Jetta stands for self-confidence and presence. That is exactly what Stance Works wants to convey. The vehicles shown in the blog can mean something special for every reader. The interpretation is up to the readers themselves.

Stance Works - lowered “posture” with style

The position or posture is changed in many tuned vehicles. The term is often used in this context by tuners for lowered vehicles. The aim of Stanceworks is to let the tuned vehicle drive as low as possible on the road while the wheels are close to the sheet metal. STANCE | WORKS is a blog that wants to bring low-powered vehicles closer to the world with style. Individuality is required and the vehicles are presented in a stylish way with high-quality pictures on the blog. The vehicle pictures should come across like in a glossy magazine. AND YOU DO THIS too!

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STANCE WORKS Stanceworks Tuning2 What does the term STANCE | WORKS mean in the tuning scene?

Below are a few examples from our tuning lexicon:

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Torq Thrust Wheels Rims Tuning 4 310x165 What does the term STANCE | WORKS mean in the tuning scene?

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Power steering Servotronic Nachr% C3% BCsten electrical e1586940742764 310x165 What does the term STANCE | WORKS mean in the tuning scene?

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Steering wheel cover trim panel tuning 3 e1587101419416 310x165 What does the term STANCE | WORKS mean in the tuning scene?

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