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Everything at a glance with a steering wheel display for retrofitting!

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Installation LED steering wheel display retrofit steering wheel display Everything at a glance with a steering wheel display for retrofitting!

There are things to retrofit in the area auto Tuning as is well known, more than enough. But you can also do one LED steering wheel display retrofit? Steering wheels with an integrated information display have been around for a number of years, e.g. from the manufacturer BMW (BMW M Performance steering wheel) or from Mercedes (AMG performance carbon steering wheel with shift light) as well as from many other premium manufacturers such as Porsche and Co. Often such a steering wheel is equipped with shift paddles, leather or Alcantara covers and carbon covers in addition to the LED display. Depending on the manufacturer, you can easily pay € 1.500 to well over € 2.000 for this. The factory versions have the integrated function display in the upper part of the steering wheel rim, which sometimes even includes it for optimal visibility OLED technology is equipped. There are also various LED displays on the right and left and operation is usually possible in the area of ​​the thumb rests using buttons.

Configurable vehicle settings

In the case of vehicles from BMW, the modes EfficientDynamics Mode, Sport Mode and Race Mode can be set at the push of a button. Other useful functions are, depending on the vehicle, a stop watch (hours, minutes, seconds, 1/100 seconds), G-meter display (current longitudinal and lateral acceleration), measurement of lap times, storage of various times and speeds or a measurement trigger.

If you want to retrofit such a display in your BMW, for example, this is especially for the M models (M3 F80 M4 F82 F83 etc.) using Swap the steering wheel possible. But what about accessories from third-party suppliers that can be retrofitted? It is available on various platforms for the price of 180 to approx. 400 € various steering wheel displays. They also work with LED technology and have many functions with them. The most common functions are:

  • Connection via OBD2 kit
  • LED shift indicator (multiple groups of LEDs on each side of the steering wheel)
  • configurable settings for the correct switching time
  • The color of the LED switching light can be adjusted to the RGB color and brightness
  • Displays for speed, RMP, LAP, engine load, boost pressure, water temperature, voltage, tank content, temperatures of all kinds, load conditions (transmission, engine, etc.), mph vs. km / h, etc.
  • Display to show real-time data, quarter mile, etc. (race track mode / lap timer)
  • Installation often using a wireless Smart Box for the OBD connection

Retrofitting possible, but difficult

Such Steering wheel display can usually be retrofitted on almost all vehicles. However, the retrofitting solutions have their function keys directly on the display and not integrated in a separate place from the steering wheel. If the vehicle is equipped with an airbag, which will almost always be the case, then the installation is due to "work on the airbag" can not be feasible by the layperson. Work on the airbag is only permitted by specially trained personnel. There is danger to life!

Retrofit LED steering wheel display Steering wheel display e1623908476515 Everything at a glance with a steering wheel display for retrofitting!

the retrofitting in detail

Various companies offer modified steering wheels on request in exchange at. That means that previously The steering wheel configured on the provider's website is sent and can be by a specialist workshop to be built in. After that, that will old steering wheel sent to the company and a deposit, usually paid in advance, will be refunded. Conversion on your own? That is also possible. However, not recommended and not explained in detail by us here. Why? The steering wheel must be completely uninstalled and the connection cables must also be through the steering wheel be laid and connected in a professional manner. But these are all works that can not be should be done at home in the garage. As well as working on the braking system, there are also modifications to the steering wheel with a view to uninstalling and installing the airbag can not be feasible by a hobby screwdriver. At least we don't give any instructions here!

Eligibility of the LED steering wheel

Steering wheels for retrofitting directly from the manufacturer come with an approval and can be used without hesitation. Usually is none separate entry required. If so, all the necessary documents are included. If the steering wheel is converted and the display is installed in the upper part, and the cables are properly laid, then as a rule, this also has to be done no acceptance will take place. However, we cannot provide any general information and so we advise you to do so in advance Test organization Get in touch and explain the project.

Retrofit LED steering wheel display Steering wheel 2 display e1623908540507 Everything in view with a steering wheel display for retrofitting!

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