Convert wheel bolts to stud bolts = wheel fixed or wheel off!

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Tuning stud bolt spacer rim bolt 3 wheel bolts convert to stud bolt = wheel fixed or wheel off!

studs with a nut to attach the bike or rather the Wheel bolt? Even the big (and little ones) Automakers are divided on which system is better. Or are manufacturers not primarily thinking of “which one is cheaper”? We can of course only guess at this point, but it is noticeable that certain producers rely on the variant with stud bolts (mainly Asian), while others rely on the better known variant with the wheel bolts in this country (often European, also premium manufacturers).

Studs - Advantages

Tuning stud bolts spacer bolts rim bolts convert wheel bolts to stud bolts = wheel fixed or wheel off!

  • the rim can be hooked up during assembly and remains centered on the bolt, it does not twist
  • more stable connection, therefore also standard for off-road vehicles, racing cars, drifters and truck
  • If the thread is destroyed, the individual bolt can be replaced relatively easily and does not have to replace the entire hub
  • you can ride individual wheel nuts: open / closed, long / short, silver or colored, etc.

The stud bolts also have disadvantages:

Stud bolts retrofit defective wheel nut 3 retrofit wheel bolts to stud bolts = wheel fixed or wheel off!

  • you want spacers drive, it only goes up to a certain limit, after that you need longer bolts (this is no different with wheel bolts)
  • Depending on the model, the removal of the stud bolts is not necessarily easy and can be done by the layperson
  • you need bolts AND wheel nuts, while with wheel bolts you have both in one
  • retrofitting is expensive and only allowed with approved parts that are not available for every model

Aluminum is not recommended

Basically, you should only rely on quality parts in this area, because the sudden and unwanted loss of a wheel can be life-threatening and end catastrophically. You shouldn't even start with self-made and non-approved China parts, we also advise against aluminum wheel nuts. These may not fail when driving, but they will show unsightly marks of use at the latest after the third wheel change. One or the other aluminum nut is said to have already become round and could then only be loosened with much effort. This is of course particularly annoying because the Flex is not easy to get to the mother, after all the rim is also installed.

Retrofitting often possible with sets

Stud bolts convert wheel nut 4 e1580189956426 Convert wheel bolts to stud bolts = wheel fixed or wheel off!

For sporty drivers of a BMW, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Audi or Golf GTI, however, the conversion to stud bolts is still worthwhile. First, you get a safer feeling, the assembly of the beloved rims is much easier and more confident by hand and it often looks even better. The last point, however, reflects the personal opinion of the editor. Conversion sets consist of so-called double-threaded bolts, which have a short thread at one end and a long thread at the other end. They are simply screwed into the existing hub with a little Loctite on the short thread and tightened. Finished. Afterwards, the rim can be easily fitted with the new chic wheel nuts.

change from studs to wheel bolts?

We are currently not aware of any official retrofit kits that convert vehicles with factory studs to the variant with wheel bolts. There are some manufacturers here and there, but so far we have not been able to find a provider who offers such a system with an approval or at least the prospect of being registrable. In addition, the conversion is even more complex. A completely new wheel mount is required, which of course can only be implemented with vehicle-specific components and, due to the low demand, costs the manufacturer a lot of money. In the known Internet forums, therefore, there is almost no information or even instructions for a corresponding conversion. For the reverse variant, however, it looks significantly different. There are countless threads on the subject of wheel nuts converting to studs.

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Stud bolt retrofitting defective wheel nut 5 e1580190049134 Convert wheel bolts to stud bolts = wheel fixed or wheel off!

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Electroplating - from the rim to the washer!

Electroplating Chromating Br% C3% BCnieren Yellow zinc coating 6 310x165 Convert wheel bolts to stud bolts = wheel fixed or wheel off!

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Stoppie Wheelie Wheely Tuning 3 e1580100989708 310x165 convert wheel bolts to stud bolts = wheel fixed or wheel off!

Effective, but expensive: the piston crown cooling!

Piston bottom cap% C3% BChlung Piston cap% C3% BChlung K% C3% BChld% C3% BCse Tuning e1580103819231 310x165 Convert wheel bolts to stud bolts = wheel fixed or wheel off!

Artificial leather - the perfect alternative for car tuning!

Imitation leather imitation leather imitation leather tuning e1579842007503 310x165 convert wheel bolts to stud bolts = wheel fixed or wheel off!

Not for parking tickets - the ticket holder in the vehicle!

Ticket holder Ticket holder Parking meter holder e1579846424252 310x165 Convert wheel bolts to stud bolts = wheel fixed or wheel off!

Better response behavior with the e-diverter valve

Diverter valve, electric valve, tuning Forge e1580029587591 310x165 Convert wheel bolts to stud bolts = wheel fixed or wheel off!

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