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Not for parking tickets - the ticket holder in the vehicle!

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Ticket holder Ticket holder parking meter holder e1579846424252 Not for parking ticket holders in the vehicle!

Ticket holders for the vehicle are practical and can be easily and inexpensively retrofitted if not installed at the factory. The articles are available, for example, on the Internet and can often be purchased in different quantities at prices in the cent range. In some vehicles, the ticket holders are even installed ex works. The advantages of such an article and what to look for when buying it are explained below.

Ticket holder for the car - what's the point?

Ticket holder Ticket holder Parking meter holder 2 Not for ticket holders in the vehicle!

Ticket holders for the vehicle can usually be found on the left side of the windshield (driver's side). The articles are used to attach parking tickets and parking disks. The brackets are attached in such a way that a ticket or the parking window are not covered by the wiper blade, but are clearly visible behind the windscreen. Ordnungsamt, Politessen and other authorized persons can immediately recognize that a parking permit is available. In Germany, the left side (driver's side) is mostly used to attach ticket holders to the windshield. In other countries, for example Denmark, there may be certain regulations for attaching tickets or parking disks. In Denmark, for example, a parking disc must be attached to the passenger side. This means that a ticket holder must be attached to the right side of the windshield. Ticket holders are available in retail stores in various quantities. Variants installed ex works can be reassembled if necessary.

Ticket holders - how are they attached?

Ticket holder Ticket holder Parking meter holder 3 Not for ticket holders in the vehicle!

Ticket holders are available in self-adhesive versions. The items are attached directly to the windshield. As a rule, the ticket holders can be used universally. This means that both a small ticket and a parking disc can be securely attached using the ticket holder. The attachment is simple. The buyer only has to remove the adhesive strip from the ticket holder and can attach the item to the windshield. On the Internet you can find pictures that show the attachment and in which area the brackets should be glued to the windshield. Except for the adhesive strip, the articles are often made of transparent plastic and have the shape of a clip. Due to the transparent plastic, the ticket holder does not disturb the viewing area. Nevertheless, the holder should be attached to the windshield so that it does not stick in the driver's field of vision.

How are tickets attached - what should you watch out for?

Tickets and parking disks are simply clamped behind the holder. Removal is done by simply removing the ticket or the parking disc. It is not necessary to stick the ticket or the parking disk in order to visibly attach the parking permit behind the windshield. It is recommended to use ticket holders that are self-adhesive. The bracket should be clear and should be quick and easy to remove from the windshield. There should be no adhesive residue on the windshield. The articles are commercially available in large quantities and can also be purchased at a reasonable price. Over the years, ticket holders like to turn yellow and become brittle. A regular exchange cannot hurt.

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