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More reliability with a reinforced gearbox bearing!

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Short differential gear tuning 4 e1560340590247 More reliability with a reinforced gearbox bearing!

Depending on the vehicle and area of ​​application, the gearbox bearings wear out quickly and then have to be replaced. If you have a modified vehicle with more power, you should immediately resort to an improved variant. Stronger gearbox bearings for the car are commercially available from several suppliers. The items can be purchased for specific vehicles and offer a longer service life, for example thanks to improved rubber compounds. The benefits of improved gearbox bearings for the car are discussed in more detail below.

Gearbox bearings - as low-wear as possible

Gearbox mount Powerflex bushing manual gearbox More reliability with a reinforced gearbox mount!

Gearbox bearings should be low-wear and work consistently and reliably even at extreme temperatures. Improved transmission bearings for cars are available, for example, in self-lubricating versions (DP4 (R) bearings) and can function optimally even at operating temperatures of - 200 ° C to 280 ° C. The temperature range enables ideal performance of the gearbox bearings at gearbox temperatures of 80 ° C to 100 ° C. The automotive parts also show excellent resistance to cavitation erosion and flow erosion. The gearbox bearings from the tuning accessories have a low-friction design and can be purchased for almost all car models and their gearboxes.

Gearbox bearings - the rubber compound is important

Gearbox mount Powerflex bushing manual gearbox 3 More reliability with a reinforced gearbox mount!

The rubber compound is designed for durability in improved gearbox bearings. Furthermore, the components almost always show better damping properties. Special variants, which are designed for Mercedes-Benz automobiles, for example, have a newly developed rubber compound that can be used directly for several engine types in the Mercedes-Benz range. This concept simplifies ordering processes in workshops and enables fast repair of faulty or worn gearbox bearings. There is no choice of different quality hardenings depending on the engine type. The effective rubber compound can be used directly for different models. Improved gearbox bearings with a new rubber compound can optimally absorb vibrations, which increases the service life of the gearbox bearings. Such a modified bearing may also be necessary if the performance increases and the associated forces occur. It tolerates and processes the additional performance permanently compared to the series component.

Why does wear occur?

Gearbox bearings usually wear out due to the shifting forces. Furthermore, the bearings are exposed to strong vibrations, which can also lead to rapid wear on conventional gearbox bearings. Not to forget, of course, any environmental influences in the form of moisture, extreme temperatures, chemicals and salts. As a result, the worn vehicle parts must be replaced quickly. Improved gearbox bearings optimally withstand vibrations and environmental influences and therefore sometimes have a significantly longer service life than conventional gearbox bearings. Variants with improved rubber compound are designed for different engine types, which simplifies the repair and ordering process of automotive parts. The workshop only has to specify the type of spare part and the replacement can be ordered.

What to look for when buying?

When purchasing improved gearbox bearings, attention must be paid to the suitability of the motor vehicle part for the respective engine type / gearbox / vehicle. In specialist shops, the appropriate engine and car types are specified in the corresponding product descriptions. Before buying an improved gearbox bearing, it is advisable to check with a specialist workshop whether such an item is suitable for the car to be fitted. If in doubt, a specialist workshop can be commissioned to order and install the improved gearbox bearings. Especially when a new engine, another gearbox or a completely individually assembled vehicle is used, the gearbox bearing has to be specially selected and maybe even specially manufactured. Here too there are companies that specialize in this and manufacture corresponding gearbox bearings according to customer requirements.

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