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Effective parts refinement with chic - the nickel coating!

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Nickel coating nickel plating electroforming e1579582577837 Effective parts finishing with nickel plating!

Nickel is very suitable for a resistant surface sealing. And as a coating, nickel can be used particularly universally. Nickel is extremely resistant to many acids, solutions and salt water. With a nickel coating, corrosion can be prevented or at least significantly reduced for a long period of time. This can prevent significant wear on the vehicle. Nickel is silvery and can be applied to various parts of the vehicle as a matt as well as a shiny application. In this respect, the look and overall impression of the car also change.

How is the coating applied?

Nickel plating nickel plating electroforming 2 e1579582677546 Effective parts finishing with nickel plating!

In terms of deposition, there is a chemical method to get nickel on the surface. The electrochemical application method is also chosen as a supplement. The nickel coating is optimal protection so that the surface is not affected by rust. This means that the car parts cannot decompose, or at least significantly more slowly. After all, corrosion always means that a metallic material is eaten away and loses its stability and appearance. Oxygen and water promote the process to make metal corrosion possible.

Advantages of a nickel coating

Nickel plating nickel plating electroforming rust screw e1579582769790 Effective parts finishing with nickel plating!

A nickel coating protects the underlying metal so that water and oxygen do not make corrosion possible. With the special surface technology, corrosion can be prevented or at least delayed. Ultimately, the sealed material is preserved and the usual service life is extended. As a result, the value and correct functioning of the vehicle can be obtained as a result. With a nickel coating, oxygen and water hardly have any chance of getting to the metal that is actually worth protecting at the relevant points. In addition, a nickel coating optically refines the surface. With a coating, the design of a wide variety of vehicle parts can ultimately be changed. The color and structure of the surface can be designed differently. With different gloss variants, a special look can be achieved through a coating. If a glossy look is chosen, the surface may not be polished continuously and regularly, for example. Matte techniques are very modern. The degree of gloss of the optics is rather low. Fine droplet formation when applying the nickel coating enables the matt effect on the surface.

         Thick nickel plating

  • Galvanically deposited nickel creates a pore-free / dense layer
  • atomic connection to metallic materials for best adhesive strength
  • better corrosion protection
  • better wear resistance
  • even better by adding hard materials / alloying cobalt etc.

  • Nickel impressions for a surface with particularly high accuracy (in the nm range)
  • A mold made of nickel is a particularly long-lasting tool

Conclusion of the nickel coating

A metal surface can be completely refined with a nickel coating. The layer protects the underlying metal from corrosion. Furthermore, the nickel layer can be selected accordingly in different variations. If the gloss variant is selected, the coated parts often no longer need to be polished. But a matte and very modern design is also possible with nickel plating. In all cases, the nickel layer effectively protects against corrosion, maintains functionality, extends the service life and serves to maintain value. Nickel can be seen as an all-rounder in surface technology. The chemical resistance of nickel is increased by the formation of an oxide layer. The tribological advantages such as wear protection and lubricity are particularly good.

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Nickel plating nickel plating electroforming tuning parts effectively refine the nickel plating!

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